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since i had tremendous fun participating in danielle’s very recent itty bitty white book swap & i just absolutely adore my copy of the itty bitty book,  i’m inspired to host a similar one too.  (many thanks danielle for the inspiration!!! J).  who would’ve thunk that this lil book of eye candy would have me craving for more?  

i decided to limit the swap to a max of 30 artists.  that seems to be a manageable amount for me. the theme will be  “robin’s egg blue”. sign-up is by february 14, 2008 (or when we’ve reached 30 participants, whichever comes first). pls. email me your full name, e- & snail mail addies to follow_your_bliss07@hotmail.com.

the 411:what you will be creating is 1 (one) original page front, which you will then make quality color laser copies (exact # of copies tba after sign- up deadline) at your local office supply store (e.g., office max, office depot, staples, etc) at 100% the size.   just ask the office supply folks to scan your original page & then have them fit multiples to a page when copying (about 6 will reasonably fit on a standard 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper).

your pages (original & color copies) need to measure 2.75″ x 3.5″ to account for binding which will occur on the LEFT margin of the front of your page.  so, in other words, please leave approx. ¼ inch margin on the left side of your page free of embellishments.  you may add ANY type of (glitter, buttons, beads, ribbon, lace,  etc., etc.) and  as many or as little embellishments anywhere to the RIGHT of  your pages.  (otherwise, i won’t be able to bind your page properly if they are placed too close to the ¼ inch margin on the left side of the page).rebibswap2.jpg    

now what about the backs of the copies?  well, you don’t have to be as elaborate as the front…simply decorate using some nice background paper, stamped/photocopy image, etc.  on the back of your page, please include your name & contact info.  since this is the back of the page, try to stay LEFT of the page (to allow for binding) or your info will be cut off. 

once you complete all of the above, you will send your embellished copies to me (but keep your original), etc.  DUE date is  march 18, 2008 and must include: total # of pages tba, a large self- addressed return label, and $6 (us) or $8 (international) cash or paypal (for front/back covers, binding, and return costs).  if using paypal, email me & i will send you my paypal email addy. J

when sign-up closes, i will let you know the exact number of copies to make.  should you have any questions or concerns, please email me at follow_your_bliss07@hotmail.com.

i am uber excited to get this started & i hope you will be too! J



15 Responses

  1. I emailed you hun! cant wait to get stared on this!!!

  2. Great instructions…and I do love the topic. I hope to email you soon.

  3. I simply adore all of your neat “ROBIN’S EGG BLUE” finds… truly love the photos and this challenge…the colour choice for this itty bitty book project is DIVINE! I’m going to try my hand with this art challenge to broaden my horizons…thanks for explaining the steps…looking forward to this exciting challenge! (I’m e-mailing you my info…) xoxo Loon

  4. Would love to join, but will have to think on it a little longer. My plate is pretty full until mid-March. But, I do love robin’s egg blue…

  5. I would like to join, but I will tell you for sure closer to the deadline… I want to make sure I can fulfil the commitment before I make it.

  6. I love that delicate color. I hope enough others do too. Please count me in on this swap.

  7. Wow! I love your blog and the way you teach us all so many wonderful things. I have never created a page like this, but count me in. I would love to not only learn to do this myself, but also enjoy the works of others. Thanks so much!

  8. wonderful.. i love to join,thank you laura

  9. That is a wonderful idea! I’ll mail you my info. And the picture you produced for this swap is so beautiful!
    Think the swap will be a huge success!

  10. Oh my!! How precious!! I sent you an “official” e-mail, count me in, girl.

  11. I’ve got the blues now and for once am really going to enjoy them! Can’t wait to start. Nancy

  12. Please include me. I love making mini-collages & robin’s egg blue… I’d just love a mini book! Thanks so much for organizing the swap. I’ll send you an official email with my particulars. Thanks for the lovely pictures for inspiration 🙂

  13. Love the color but have to sit this one out, got a bit too much going on. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to and joining in a future event.

  14. How often do you do these so I don’t miss the boat?

  15. I really hope you still have an opening for your valentine itty bitty book

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