what’s white, itty bitty & fabulous all over?

why my swap book from danielle‘s fun swap, of course!  check out my copy & all its fabulosity (thanks kimora lee simmons for coining that word!) 🙂




 i am so INSPIRED to make another itty bitty book like this one…

if i host a similar swap (theme tba), would anyone want to join me????? you have no idea what a THRILL it is to thumb through this wicked ADORABLE book…it is too freakin’ cute for words, can i just tell you?!  this amazing itty bitty is full of eye candy inspiration…& it fits in the palm of your hands.  literally. & i own this! 

you can too (own one of your very own itty bitty book, that is) if you’re interested in joining an itty bitty book swap that i’m thinking about doing.  if there is a healthy interest then i will come up with a “formal” post outlining the pertinent 411.  

well, on the other hand,  if i don’t have any takers, no biggie…i can always make my own itty bitty book using my own artwork. 


  after receiving my copy from danielle’s swap, i am completely obsessed now with ITTY BITTIES, hehehe!    

i know that one of the schools where i work  has one of those binding machines…hmmm, maybe i will ask to use it after school one day?  & oh, i think i actually know a gal who owns a machine (she makes her own calendars & recipe books)…maybe i can borrow it sometime?  oooh, i am itching to do another one…& i hope that i can find some others wanting to play too… 🙂

danielle said that a few peeps dropped out of the swap for whatever reasons & so she sent back our extras along with our copy of the book.  i got 3 back…one of them, i plan on giving to my sister looney (aka jo) for coming up this coming week’s creative prompt {mardi gras} for handmade monday. & here is my effort for that (& for my project atc, day 27 & creative everyday):


so, if you would like to do a trade with me on the 2 remaining atcs, just let me know. 🙂

upfortrade.jpg the far right atc with the teeny ric rac is saved for my sissy, jo, but the other 2 are up for trade.

wouldn’t you know that i re-spained my ankle (the same one i had sprained not too long ago!)…i had a little slip (but no fall, thank goodness) on the slick parking lot the other day…so trying to nurse my ankle.  again.  sheesh…the artic weather we’ve been getting lately just is making everything so icy & so easy for people to slip & slide around!

going to have a lie down & nurse the ol’ ankle.  hope you are having a lazy, cozy & warm (or cool, depending the part of the world you may be)sunday!  xoxo


6 Responses

  1. Ouuuu yes….I would love to do another itty bitty swap!
    I just did my first {the itty bitty valentine swap} and had so much FUN!

    Will it be a themed swap??
    Spring, Easter, flowers, moms day etc??????

    I am sure you will get lots of interested gals to join so get plannin!

    Hugz, Dolly

  2. What a sweet little book.
    Not sure how you do them but it sounds like a fun swap.

  3. Ok, your hooking me…. but need to know who many, due date, size, and embelishment free zone for binding(?). Oh my…that sounds like I’m a little wacked…lol. I’ll keep checking back for more details…this sound fun!

  4. OH no – I’m sorry to hear about your ankle:( That sucks.
    I would be interested in an itty bitty book…sounds like it would be awesome!

  5. Oh this sounds like tons of fun! count me in! off to email you right now!!!

  6. Awwwww…. I’m sorry you hurt your ankle again!!!!

    The itty bitty book is so awesome!!! I will read more about it in your next post up.

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