pink, white, red, oh my!

(disclaimer:  i have a lot of catching up to do, so just be forewarned that this will be a lengthy post.) 🙂val4.jpg


seems to be the theme these days.  it’s been nothing but valentine’s schtuff around here, hehehe…& that’s fine by me…it’s always nice to indulge in LOVE, right? 🙂


val3-copy.jpg i wanted to try this yummy cocoa that a student of mine had given me…

val2-copy.jpg but i couldn’t resist the pink donut with sprinkles & started to scarf that down before the water could even roll to a boil, lol… & yes, it was as good as it looked! yum!

i had been tied up all week with my school load & had very little time & energy to get to the blog.  spent the better part of today just uploading pix here as well as my flickr.   uploading has got to be my least, least fav thing to do…frommaryb.jpg  i got some mail love this past week.  this treasure trove is from mary b. (& at the moment, i don’t have her blog link handy…but will add that when next i get the chance)…she totally spoiled me!!  i was lucky to get paired up with her in dolly‘s vintage heart swap.

frommary4-copy.jpg she sent me these wonderful heart box & paper doll templates…

frommaryb2-copy.jpg  it took me a while before i realized that this lil bear lit up (& in pink, too!!)…wicked cute!

frommaryb3-copy.jpg & mary told me that this sweet pink butterfly was made by her mil 25 years ago.  & she passed it on to me…i am honored!

frommaryb5-copy.jpg isn’t this paper doll too cute or what? i love it!  thanks mary, i appreciate & ❤ everything you so kindly & generously sent me!  how nice to meet & make new friends! 🙂

val5.jpg i didn’t get to any antique or thrift shops this past week, but i did discover a few retro-y valentine decos from a local discount party store a while back…(my finds for the week)…

val8.jpg  i’ve never seen these cupids sporting some bit of marabou feather fluff!  they were both about a buck each.  score!

frifinds3.jpg  also a while back, i happened on this little ornie gal…i think she is from the late 50s or 60s?  anyway, i am thinking that i will give her a proper home & dress her up in something more suitable than just this silk covered ornie.  hmmm…ideas are whirling.

frifinds2.jpg  aren’t these angel cards sweet?  i noticed them shoved at the bottom of a dealer’s shelf in an antique mall recently.  they are a bit yellowed at the edges, but you can’t beat the 50 cent price tag…sold!

frifinds1.jpg  in the same dealer’s booth, i spotted these retro japanese pipecleaner cowboys.  it reminded me of those little angel heads i found a couple of months ago.  yep, had to bring those home.  🙂

me1-copy.jpg me3-copy.jpg  i was never so pleasantly surprised to receive a goody package from deleta, the wonderful hostest with the mostest i met last fall on the cape.  she is my dear blog sis, melanie‘s mil.  what a total dearheart you are deleta!!!  i LOVE the fabulous scarf you made me as well as  

fromdelmc-copy.jpg these cute pot holders (love the colors!).  yes, i plan on visiting you & melanie again sometime later this year.  i might even bring the dh, too! xoxo

forjo.jpg i made this little itty bitty for one of my blog pals, jo.  she suggested this week’s creative prompt, tribute,  for handmade monday.  i’ve been slacking a bit with this blog, but i think i have some stuff i can submit for this week’s (as well as previous weeks)…

i also made & sent this itty bitty triptych for priscilla, my partner in this swap that i am hosting. ittybitty1.jpg

ittybitty2.jpg i used a stiff felt for the backing &  fabric scraps for the fronts & then embellished with various bits of paper ephemera.  i mailed her goodies to her already & she has received them.  i’m so glad to hear that she was delighted. 

it was somewhat of a challenge this past week, but i got to my pet project, project atc 2008.  i used paper scraps (& i have a ton of that!) & tried some transfer techniques, one with the iron method (didn’t do so well on fabric) & the other using gel medium (also didn’t come out as dark of a transfer as i would of hoped….ahhh, but you live & learn, right?)….have been sewing something wicked (oh, on my lil machine…not the new-fangled, fancy-schmancy one.  hey, at least i actually took it out the box & bought a nice sturdy case for it!). the following are my atcs for each day this past week. 









white1.jpg  remember this sweet lil number?  well, i got my itty bitty book from danielle in today’s mail!   wow, i was excited!!!  & mine is the first page!  more about that tomorrow…this busy beaver is pooped out & ready for nitey-nite time!

until tomorrow then, sweet dreams! xoxo


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  1. OMG – took me quite a while to get through this entry because with every picture I had to just sit and stare (and drool of course) for several minutes before I moved onto the next one…WHAT GREAT EYECANDY!!!
    I just loved it all!
    Thanks so much for sharing it!

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