my cup runneth over

since we got back from visiting family over the weekend, it’s been go, go, go!   i’m getting wicked busy now with my school load & have so many students to re-evaluate, it’s not even funny.  trying to get a bunch of them done before the spring rush starting in april & may!  i have plans coming up around then & i don’t want to be bogged down with school stuff. 

what little free time i have these days, i go into my studio to work on my pet project (project atc) & some other arty wips.  right now, i have some valentine posties on the things to do  docket as well as some cards & other atcs for an offline swap i committed to a while ago.  i am sort of regretting getting back into that offline group mainly because i’ve forgotten that it’s a lot of extra work keeping up with the group’s standards.  i’m also trying to work on getting my website going & to determine the best route for me there.  i’m particular & i have a certain budget to work with…so i keep searching for the one that meets all my criteria, you know?  i’m getting a bit disenchanted with the whole etsy thing…it seems to be veering off track from its original mission:  handmade products from indie designers/businesses.  that has been bothering me for a while & making me want to separate from etsy.  it has sort of become tarnished in my eyes…sorry, another topic for another time.  i am just too dag tired to get into it at the moment.    

i’m trying to tackle things one thing at a time…but the mind, it tends to get easily overwhelmed, especially when it is overworked & running on a few hours sleep.  something had to give & it was the blog.  i think some of you might know how that goes… 

the next couple of days are going to be uber busy at school (i’m doing my one & only make-up day this friday at the school & i promised the kids that we’d have a little party…heck, tgif & all, right?)…& the artic weather that we’ve been having will continue on until the weekend.  the artic chill just about makes you tired & sluggish (at least for me anyway)…it’s just a recipe for major overload

i ‘ve been meaning to post stuff i’d like to share, like some lovely things i’ve received & also some of my art work…but i barely have enough energy or wherewithall to type up this quick blog post…to let you know that i am still kickin’ despite that my blog has been quiet since last friday.  i hope to be back on track again this coming weekend (fingers crossed).  & besides, taking bloggy breaks are good every now & again, right?  right-o! 

until then, wishing you all a good (& warm) rest of the week! xoxo 


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  1. You have been so busy with work and with creating. I am so glad you liked my little gifts. I so enjoyed gathering them for you. My blog is Come on by for a cup of tea Mary

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