have a heARt

i got the mailing list all ready for the isabel project & will be going to the p.o. to send it on to Jo A.  so exciting!  in the next day or so, i will send an email to inform the wonderful gals who are awaiting the journal know where they each fall on the mailing list.  this lil journal is gonna be on a wicked cool adventure! 🙂

i even took the journal to school as it occurred to me that maybe some of my speech students would like to write a message in there.  what a great idea…fill the journal pages AND a built-in lesson plan all-in-one, lol!   

fromsandy2.jpg the other day, i received this sweet valentine card from sandy.  she is one of 4 swap partners (& the hostess of ) in that vintage valentine card swap on flickr that i mentioned a while ago? thank you so much sandy, i love it as well as these extra goodies!fromsandy1.jpg 

the dh has been getting better, tho feeling a bit of cabin fever.  so we are heading out to visit family this weekend.  i think it will be a nice change of scenery for him.  he’s been cooped up in the house for so long that a change might brighten his spirits.  (he would, tho, have to pick the most frigid time to go, lol…it’s gonna be sub-zero this weekend!)

 been busy these past couple of days, what with organizing the isabel project, working with my school caseload  as well as on wips & all (i have a ton of packages to send out besides the journal…oooh, aren’t the p.o. folks gonna love me with all my packages, hehehe!).  i also worked on my project ATC, keeping my promise that i would when i wasn’t on the blog.

i hurriedly made this atc last wednesday as it was a kinda hectic day at school, plus, i was pulling double duty guest-hosting at justBe Connected. projatc16.jpg  it was a quickie, but i was sorta pressed for time.  sometimes, don’t you wish there were more than 24 hrs. in a day?  um, on second thought…maybe NOT.  so scratch that, lol.

i was in an owl-y mood when i made these.  for-raesha.jpg

one is for raesha, who suggested this week’s creative prompt for handmade monday.

projatc17b.jpg& this one for my project ATC archives. 


i made this lil number this morning.  i seem to be stuck on valentines.  i’m in quite a few valentine-y swaps that valentines are understandably on the brain.  seriously.  i wake up with all sorts of ideas for valentine projects. i just hope that i don’t run out of steam (or get sick of) by the time valentine’s day actually gets here.   well, i shouldn’t worry about that since at the moment, valentines haven’t fallen out of favor yet.   so i’m gonna carry on for now & happily create in my valentine mode. 

oh my…i’ve got to scoot!   the dh is wanting to head out by 11:30 & it is quarter ’til.  i’m still in my pjs, aaaaaackh!!

have a great weekend!  see you when we get back. xoxo 



5 Responses

  1. I participated in the 1,000 journals project. Have you heard of it?

  2. Thanks for posting the Valentines/goodies I sent ya! I love your Valentines as well and will post it as soon as I receive everyone elses.


  3. WOW! What a outstanding posting! Lovely works for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for sharing them with us! *HUGS*

  4. oh my goodness! happy valentines day to me! you are thee sweetest gal i know! i have just received my swap from you!( i JUST finished mine to you! ) i had an awful day!and i saw the mailman run up the driveway with a pink package at 5:00 tonight and he said ‘here’s a treat for one lucky girl!” how did he know? it was filled with chocolate ,handmade treats ….a beautiful(understatement!) little pink limoges-type box-a light pink heart! all in a gorgeous pink shabby heart box!oh i could go on and on but, i think that i will just put the pics up tomorrow a.m. and show you! sweetgirland company.blogspot is my little corner of this web world-now if i can just figure out how to do that! 😉 thank you my dear ,sweet new friend~may this be just the beginning of a long friendship! ❤ ann~marie hugs! BIG HUGS!!!

  5. i received the beautiful ornament in the mail yesterday!!!!! i was so excited! it’s sitting on my desk at work so that i can enjoy it! thank you!!!

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