isa we <3 you!


uncle joe is feeling much better & my ankle is okay now too.  your journal will be making its way around the globe very soon!  we will visit soon honey!  have a wicked AWESOME birthday!  love & miss you xoxoxo


5 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Isa. I’ll look forward to participating in your project.
    Have a very Happy B-day.
    Angels be with you Mar and Isabel,
    Wendy XO

  2. Happy birthday Isa! I’ll be writing in your journal as well!!

    I’m glad you are feeling better Mary Ann and your hubby too!!!

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday, Isa! :-)))
    Hope it was magical, and that your project gets top marks!!

    Glad you’re feeling better, Mar 🙂
    Hugs, Suze xXx

  4. Wow! Seems you have been super busy! Love the cute cards you made!!

    I changed my blog just to let you know 😉 I’m trying to give all my blogging friends a notice so it doesn’t look like I just disappeared!!!

  5. Hi there MaryAnn, Just dropped in to say that I am so pleased that you are joining the theatre troupe group, And, I look forward to meeting you in “cheeseland” in just a couple of months! ~ Catherine

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