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***1/16/08 addendum:  we have enlisted a fair amount of willing participants in the isabel project now.  we are now ready to get the journal on it’s merry way.  thanks for looking!*** 

on behalf of my niece isabel, i am asking for some help with a school project of hers. 

yesterday, i sent out an email to a select few people i knew.  i heard from some who said they were willing to do this (& i am ever so grateful!) & waiting for possible others.  i apologize, but i can’t help it, lol…i am in my “pushy aunt” mode, lol, & going to post this email on the blog…in hopes of finding other kind souls who would like to help out a little 5th grade girl. 

if you are willing & able, please kindly leave a comment saying so.  i hope to get a nice variety of “helpers” from literally across the world. 

Hi my dear friends!

 I have a favor to ask of you & I hope you don’t mind me asking you.  My niece Isabel G. is doing a social studies project in her 5th grade class & she asked me if I knew anyone who lived faraway, preferably  outside of the USA.  Well, I told her & her mom (my sister, Gail) that I had some wicked nice, amazing & uber creative blog & flickr pals!  I said that I would ask… so I am asking J & this is why I am writing you now.  J  I thought maybe you wouldn’t be opposed to helping my little niece out with her school project.  It would mean a whole lot to her (as well as me & her mom); plus she could potentially get a terrific grade for her (our collective) efforts!  Since this is a journal project, I am approaching this as like a “round robin” in which the journal is sent to someone & after writing a blurb (more about that in a bit), then sent on to the next person.  Isabel needs to get her journal back in her hands by May 5, 2008.  But to be safe, I will make the return date by April 30, 2008 (to have some “breathing room”).  I have already done my blurb…I kinda went all out, as Isabel’s birthday is later this week & well, she is my niece & i wanted to make it nice for her, etc…so I put many personal family pix & notes in my entry.  isajournal4.jpg isajournal3.jpg isajournal2.jpg isajournal1.jpg

If you decide to participate (which I am hoping you will), all you really would need to do is write a short blurb about you:  your name, where you live & what are some notable things about your town/country.  You can be as brief or as elaborate as you have time/energy for. Enclosing a short travel brochure or something unique to your area would be a nice, but optional extra with your entry.  I will leave that entirely up to you. the journal, btw, is the “composition book” type that you see being used in schools everywhere.

 To help defray some of the shipping costs (if needed), my sister Gail & I will send you some additional funds via paypal.  Just email me at follow_your_bliss07@hotmail.com & we will help out.  To start, I have offered to send $20 usd along with the journal.  You may use it toward the shipping of the journal when you are ready to send it on to the next person on the list.  Please forward any change onto the next person.  I’d suggest putting the money in either a small envelope or a plastic Ziploc bag.  

When you do receive the journal, pls. try to write in it & pass it on within 5 days of receipt.  If you are pressed for time, then your autograph plus the name of your town & country will be plenty enough to send onto the next person.  The point of Isabel’s journal is to see how many miles the journal travels.  The content of the journal is really secondary to this.  If you’d like, feel free to get as creative as you want with your journal entry.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to write a novel, just a short “blurb” about you & where you live.

Also, if there were anyone from the southern hemisphere (e.g., australia), I would send the journal there first & then have the journal work it’s way north towards Europe, & then onto the states.  My other sister, Jo (aka Looney, who lives in chi-town area) will be the last recipient before returning the journal back to Isabel.     

Please let me know if you would like to help Isabel out with her social studies journal project.  I need to know if you are in or not within the next day or two so that I can come up with a mailing list, send it to you & then send the journal (with $20) to someone new.  Please know that I will understand if you take a pass on this.  I am trying to enlist as many pals I can to help Isabel with her project. 🙂

 I know that my niece would be extremely grateful for whatever assistance you can do.  On behalf of my niece, thank you in advance for your kind assistance! xo, mary ann

thank you for taking the time out to read this.  & thanks to those who have graciously agreed to help!!  some even  have offered to forward some infor about their town/country to me to paste in isabel’s journal.  that would be tremendous too!  anything that you would like to contribute would be greatly appreciated!!

have a great day! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Well, I know I’m not one of the outside-the-US people you’re looking for… but if you want someone to fill a few pages, I’d be glad to join the fun!!!! 🙂

  2. WOW!!! What a beautiful request and such inspiring pages you created for ISA!!! You are the VERY BEST AUNTIE any gal could ever have…She’s going to love all the miles this journal will be making. I want to THANK all the lovely people out there who will be taking the time to write in the journal and who will be sharing a lil’ something special from their town/country. You are truly making our lil’ neice one happy lil’ camper! You are all shining stars making a difference in one lil’ girl’s heart! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for caring! xoxo looney aka Jo 3 little miracles 😉

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