finally got those valentine charms DONE.  valcharm4.jpg

i made a total of 18 as per requested by the hostess of the we are charmed valentine swap in the yahoo group of the same name.  sorry, can’t think of the link to the group…my brain is fried at the moment.  it’s a school nite & i’m trying to sqeeze this in before i go down for the count. 

i didn’t want to make the charms all the same, so i mixed it up a bit.  a while back i experimented with those shrinky dink plastic sheets that i thought would make nifty charms.  i’m happy with how they turned out.  i hope the recipients will be too.

valcharm1.jpg the “pucker up” set…

valcharm2.jpgthe “paris heart” set

& i made this onevalcharm3.jpg for the swap hostess (actually this one is one of my experimental charms i made initially.  it turned out cute, n’est pas?)

as i was crafting away in the studio today, i experienced an a-ha moment

 i have been getting a little bit anxious about not being able to keep up with posting everyday on the blog for the entire year. {quite overwhelming, really.}   i was thinking about my pet project (project atc) & how it’s kinda hard to post an atc a day.  no, i’m not planning to bail. this is promise i made to myself for the new year that i intend on following through.  

it occurred to me that i’m just not going to stress about posting my atc efforts every single day for the entire year.  after a while, that would become tedious, if not impractical.  i think i would rather just continue to work on my atcs day to day as i have been (with the exception of last week when the hubby experienced a mini-crisis) & just post them at my leisure or as my mood dictates.  after all, it’s my personal art project & nobody else’s.  i don’t have anyone to report to other than myself.  i should be able to keep tabs on myself, shouldn’t i? 

 thank goodness for wips…i always have several going on at one time.  they keep me honest, i tell you.  yip, coming to this realization just took a huge weight off my shoulders.  & i don’t want my pet project to ever become a burden.  that would totally defeat the whole purpose.

i made this atc earlier today.  actually soonafter i had gotten up this morning.  the idea came to me to use one of my vintage valentine images. projatc15b.jpg

ever since i got my new “marie” stamps from here, i have been so inspired to create in a similar vein…frilly, fanciful & fabulous (or as kimora lee simmons would say, fabulosity. as over- the- top diva as she is, i actually admire this woman.  she is such a feisty & successful woman {of color} entreprenuer…i say that  because i think she is one of today’s role models for girls of all colors…another topic for another time).  the creative wheels, they are a-turning! 

oh before i sign off, just wanted to let you know that i have heard back from 7 gals (THANK YOU!!!)who have graciously offered their kind assistance to what i’ll call, “the isabel project.”   😉

i will wait for a few other peeps to respond before i get the ball rolling.  next stop will be to the land down under (thanks JO!!!) & then back  toward the northern hemisphere.   the isabel project is sure to rack up a ton of miles (which is what we want!), hehehe.  it is AWESOME to know some wicked cool peeps!

have a good rest of the week!  until next time,  have a restful night & sweet dreams. xoxo


3 Responses

  1. The charms are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! I love them…I just know anyone who gets one will fall all over it!!!!
    GREAT art Mary Ann!!!
    Thanks for sharing all the great eye candy!!

  2. On the charms, do you print the images onto the shrinky dinks or do you stamp them on? I have been intriqued by these and remember making them as a kid.

  3. thanks ellie!! you are so generous with your words! 🙂

    & cindy, i stamped on the plastic first before heating them in the oven.

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