monday, monday

hi all!  hope you had a lovely weekend in your neck of the woods.  been busy in the studio  since the dh started feeling better.  also, i am guest hosting this week over at CaC, so come visit me over there.  🙂

 so much to share, where to begin?  okay, on saturday, i got a package from my soon-to-be 11 yr. old niece me-025ab.jpg (her birthday, OMG, is at the end of the week!  man, how times fly!!  wasn’t it just yesterday that grandma was helping you blow out your 1st birthday candles?!!).  she has a sort of “round robin” journal project & she sent it to me because she is hoping that  i would send it overseas.  well, i think i can help her out that way.  i have connected with a number of bloggy/flickr  pals, so i’m thinking about asking some of them (no pressures, of course!) if they would be kind enough to help a little 5th grade girl out.  she wants me to be creative, so i think i will do something collage-y & add some personal pix i have of her & family. still working out the rest of my plan to help get her journal to log a ton of global miles, hehehe!  she came to the right aunty to help her with this project.  🙂


i also received this wicked cute itty bitty from tamy, one of the fun swappers in the itty bitty valentine swap that i’m hosting.  i have yet to craft mine for my swap partner.  i will get to that shortly.

i was busy altering some heart-shaped boxes for a couple of swap buddies in 2 different valentine-themed swaps (i know, i am on crack, lol!)>>>4annmarie.jpg

for ann-marie, my partner in the sweetheart swap hosted by maria


and this one for mary, my partner in the vintage heart swap hosted by dolly.

 then i got started on my valentine charms that i mentioned a while ago?  i was so proud of myself for getting on that wip, but when i was all set to add the jump rings on to each charm, the ones i had were too big!  shoot.  it was too late to head over to the craft store.  so, i had to put those aside until i can run to the store later today & get smaller sized ones. 

oh well, good thing i had other arty wips in the wings.  like my atcs for my pet project.  i actually made one for yesterday, just didn’t get around to posting it to the blog.  but here it isprojatc13b.jpg 

i was leafing through the latest issue of papercrafts, projatc13a.jpg

which btw was my last issue, since i decided not to renew…my subscription last year was a trial.  the mag is okay.  don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfectly good resource for ideas…it’s just that i’m more into altered junk than the more “cutesy” commercialized stuff that tends to be featured there.  anyhoo, i’m liking the owl door hanger they showed & decided to make a li’l atc.  i dunno, but i’m digging owls lately…even bought these wicked cute stamps by sassafras lass (man that’s a lotta “s’s”) a while back.  then i remembered that raesha made a suggestion of using “owls” as a creative prompt for handmade monday.  so there you go, my dear, OWLS it is (watch for your mail, my dear.  you’ll be getting a handmade giftie for suggesting this week’s creative prompt!)

projatc14.jpg an atc (one of many, i am sure) that i made using catherine moore‘s new stamp line.  i am so digging these wicked cool stamps…i want them all, hahaha!!!  her work is AMAZING.  & a week or so ago, i just got my confirmation & materials’ list for the workshops that she will be doing at the assemblage studio.   i am so wicked excited!  you have no idea.

i can’t remember if i mentioned this or not on the blog, but i have been going to country living‘s women entrepreneur series since it started a couple of  yrs ago & i will be going to the next one in march. my sis looney told me that she will be going with me too!  yay, i can’t wait for that either!!  anna griffin is the keynote speaker this year.  i have always admired her line of paper & stamp products.  always nice to meet & learn how an established artist got started.  these seminars are very enlightening & informative.   & the goody bags are FAB!  😉

oh yes, one more thing before i head out in the cold to get me some teeny weeny jump rings, dear ellie (thanks so much ellie, you are such a sweetheart!!!)kindly bestowed this award to me, which was created by leah, the creator of CED.   makemydayaward.jpg

i’m supposed to nominate TEN people whose blogs make me smile/ make my day.  oh boy.  i’m not so good passing on these memes, but here you go (in no particular order):











there are so many others that make me smile, but i was limited to only 10 names.  i wish i could list practically everyone on my blogroll!  that’s what i find so challenging whenever i get these award memes!!!

welp, i’ve got to update my other blog & then scoot to the craft store.  have a great week!



5 Responses

  1. Aw! Thanks for the award!! You often make my day too!! I’ll post about it either later today or tomorrow depending on my time.

    Your works of art are amazing!! I love the little owl card! 🙂

  2. Bless you, my Karma Queen 🙂 You KNOW you make my day!
    Thanks so much for the award. Now slow down a bit, will ya? You’re exhausting me!! 😉

    Much Love, Suze xXx

  3. p.s. you haven’t found my new blog yet, I see…

    it’s here:

    look forward to seeing you there – when you have a minute to spare! 😉

    big hugs (((((Mar)))))

  4. What lovely valentines–makes me want to get crafty for Valentine’s Day!

    So nice to get your wonderful comment on my blog.

    Happy New Year!


  5. Thanks for the awesome award…your gave me little tinglies inside my tummy:) I LOVE the owl atc – so cool!!! I just printed out a little crocheted tutorial which will be my submission to handmade monday…now to get it done!:):) I love you my friend!

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