back on track


thank you for your kind words.  we had a rough couple of days, but things are getting better slowly but surely.   the dh apparently had a wicked bad case of the flu.  & if that wasn’t bad enough, he is prone to SAD (seasonal affect disorder).    

when i met my hubby 11 yrs ago, one of the 1st things he told me was that he was prone to SAD primarily in the winter time.  i told him (& still do) that he is not alone.  there are tens of thousands of people who are affected by some degree of SAD.  some winters are better than others.  when the dh is active, fit & busy working, then SAD isn’t an issue.  this winter, though, with certain recent events & on-going family stuff, that blasted SAD snuck its way in while the dh was down & out  with the flu.  but things are getting better for him.  thank God.  for a while there, i really was beginning to fret something awful. 


now, that the dh is on the mend, i’ve been getting back on track with my arty-crafty wips. it’s been slow going at first because i had a little mishap the other day.  nothing big…just slipped on a miniscule patch of ice (while trying to avoid a pile of dog poop).  i didn’t think anything of it, until the next day (yesterday). i woke up to a swollen ankle!  yesterday i basically took it easy (tho i did try going to yoga class…didn’t get to do much there either…i just couldn’t bear weight on my right ankle). 

 but today, it’s much better & the swelling has gone down considerably.  so, back to the studio i went.  here are some stuff that i managed to complete today (project atc & CED are back “on”).

4ss1.jpg a card for my secret stampin pal ( a local offline swap i do)

projatc12a1.jpg  since i’ve been mia with my pet project, i made 3 atcs this morning to make up for the couple of days i missed.  i had to be there for the hubby those past couple of days…he was really having a time.  i think i would have felt wicked guilty crafting away in the studio knowing how sick he was feeling.  but today, i am feeling guilt-free! & eager to get back to my projects.  🙂projatc12e.jpg

i also looked around in the studio to find something suitable to house my growing collection of atcs.  i found a couple of photo albums that i think will do the trick.  each album has 200 pages. so i should have plenty of pages for my pet project, project atc 2008.  🙂



a couple of more valentine cards, one for an unsuspecting flickr pal (oh how fun it is to surprise someone!!)


& the other for a custom order.

a week ago or so i had ordered some clearanced xmas stuff  from here.    last year, i started collecting things (on sale, of course!!) made by this group of vintage folk artists.  i received this wonderful dancer

nsdancer.jpg by  nicole sayre.  i also ordered this jar ornament, also by nicole sayre, but when it arrived, the little arm was broken…literally hanging on by a teeny piece of papier mache!  so i called the company & they said they would promptly send me a replacement, at no additional cost.  i asked, should i mail this defective one back to you?  the customer service rep said, no.  do whatever you want with it


wow, how cool i thought!  i used some carpenter’s glue & after a couple of hours, the hand was reattached! 

asisgiveaway21.jpg not too long after i placed that call to customer service, i did indeed receive my new, non-defective replacement.  SWEET!asisgiveaway3.jpg inside the base of the ornament, there  is this wicked cute glass-glittered star wand. 

i realized that now i had 2!  what to do with the extra one, i wondered?

well… i thought about doing a giveaway.  yes, let’s do that!  i really don’t need 2 of the same ornament.  & if you do not mind a mended hand, plus also paying for shipping ($5.00 for us mail; $9 for international), then pls. leave me a comment with your name & email addy.  i will take names until midnite cst tuesday, january 15, 2008.   ONE lucky name will be drawn & announced on wednesday, january 16, 2008. 

good luck!

it feels great to be back on track!  😉


13 Responses

  1. I’m SOOO glad to hear that nothing was seriously wrong with your hubby and that he is on the mend!

    Your art is amazing as always!! Take care of you too. Slipping on ice is a scary thing! I did it recently, but thankfully, caught myself before anything bad happened!!

  2. There is something about keys and hearts that just say “Valentine” so sweetly. I once flipped on the front porch and landed backwards in our bricked front flowerbed. It isn’t a wonderful memory. Glad to hear hubby will overcome this with no problems.

  3. so glad that hubby is on the mend – I am sure it was a bit scary there for a while!!!
    Your art is amazing – Love all the ATC cards you made – in the albums that you are using for them – are they in pockets or what are you using to stick them onto the album? I really like all the colors and such you are using!!!

    of course count me in – hope you have a beautiful weekend!!!

  4. hello darling girl- can this be all so true- your are having a give away – well id love to part of all this fun – singing and skipping la la la love jo anderson-

  5. Happy to hear that you and your hubby are back on track. Sorry things have been rough. Your crafties are great! I worked on my itty bitty valentines tonight!

    How sweet of you to share the extra of this lovely ornie! I’d love to be entered in the drawing!

  6. Hi MaryAnn: I love “seconds;” often they are the sweetest. Please enter me in your giveaway. I’d love to have a little art statue like your little one. — Michele

  7. Hi MaryAnn-
    Could you please come to my house with your trusty glue and healing love? I fell down my stairs and broke my ankle in 3 places-had surgery and now am stuck in the house for 4 more weeks!
    I’m so glad that your hubby is feeling better -it is hard to see someone we love down…Keep making your art–it makes the world happy!
    Please throw(gently toss 🙂 ) my name in the hat!
    Bliss Happens!
    brenda bliss

  8. I feel wicked by putting my name in for this! i am already blessed ‘cuz you’re my sweetheart swap partner!!!! oh,well! 😉 what a way to start the year!!

  9. Your art is just beautiful! I’ve been in the Valentine making mood lately too! It’s funny how thoughts of Christmas just flew out my cookoo head once I started with the hearts.

    I understand completely about the SAD. Both my DH and 15 yr old DD have it. We’ve got some meds for one of them and I’m planning on buying a light box (not an art one, a health one! lol) for SAD. It’s supposed to do wonders and I always hate to see them suffer. You might look into that.

    I would love to be in your drawing. Thanks!

  10. thank you all for playing & for your kind & generous words! 🙂

    brenda bliss, i hope you have a speedy recovery! when you get a chance would you mind emailing me at so that i can mail the vintage workshop cd that you won not too long ago on my wysiwyg wednesday giveaway. i have it in an envelope but i haven’t sent it out yet, bec. i don’t know your mailing addy.

    & kris, so glad that you are in the swap! i actually have been looking into getting the dh a lightbox. i’ve put in those true blue natural lightbulbs everywhere around the house as a way to help the dh cope.

    good luck ladies!!! xo mary ann

  11. Wow, awesome giveaway, please add me. Best wishes to you and your hubby also.

  12. count me in.

    i didn’t see this post until today–i was in florida last week. but, i had the flu the 1st week of the year last year and it was a BEAST! sending healing vibes to you!

  13. Oh…I just saw this!
    I’m in…

    PS…head on over to my other blog
    I’m having a giveaway there too!

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