trying not to worry

the dh hasn’t been feeling well since the weekend  & i am trying not to worry.  i hate seeing my big, strong hubby so sick.  i may be mia for a bit. project atc & other wips on hold until i have the dh situated.   i have to take the dh to the hospital to see what’s wrong (& he hates going to the hospital!)…a wicked flu bug is going around.  i hope that that’s what all it is.

 Lord, give me strength.


6 Responses

  1. Hope all goes well at the hospital.
    I will be thinking of you both.

  2. Prayers being said for your hubbie – I hope all turns out to be nothing…
    Keep us updated…sending positive thoughts to you all!!!

  3. Oh, I’m sorry he’s still down and out!! I hope everything is OK! Sending positive thoughts and energy to both of you!!


  4. You’re doing the right thing. He’ll be fine. It’s just that sick-y time of year. I liked reading your lists. Take care, Michel

  5. Sending you and Joe my love and prayers.
    Keep us posted!

  6. How’s your dh?? I’m sending good thoughts your way!! Wish him a quick recovery!! Kisses

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