won’t you be my valentine?


the list is up if you want to know who your swap partner is here.  it took me longer than expected (oh isn’t that always the case tho, lol?) because i didn’t have some of the swappers’ emails & i then had to send individual flickr mail, etc…time-consuming, but i think i got everyone i was supposed to.  pls. let me know if i inadvertantly left someone out.

then before i knew it, it was time for my yoga class.  i really try not to miss those.  doing a round of yoga really keeps the body, mind & spirit on an even keel.  i hate when i miss a session…it throws my whole system off, seriously…

also this morning, i went through my stash of vintage photos & posties and found a few that i plan on using to create some valentine pretties.  🙂valimage4.jpg

i usually make laser color copies of my originals as i cannot bear the thought of cutting them apart. it just doesn’t seem right to man handle those fragile vintage paper ephemera in such a way.  i know that there are some who don’t have issue with using original vintage papers in crafting their art pieces.  anna corba, for example,  has no qualms about tearing pieces of vintage paper to use in her fabulous art creations.  i know this because i happen to have an actual dvd of her {gasp!} ripping vintage book pages & collaging them onto things.  but then again, she’s anna corba & i’m, well, just “me”, a minion in the vast world of mixed media art, hehehe…

more power to her, ya know.  i’m just not as brave as she, i guess. maybe one day i will throw caution to the wind & get over myself it. 


i seem to have this sort of “love-hate” relationship with swaps.  i love them for the wonderful creativity & connection they inspire & foster.  hate them (at times) when crappy stuff happens.  i have gotten myself into a couple more valentine-y themed swaps besides the one i’m currently hosting.  but that’s okay.  i’ve been down this road before…i know i can complete  those swap wips & still maintain a sense of fun & sanity!


 if your weather is anything like it is here (dark, foggy & gloomy), then even more reason to immerse yourself in some cheerful swappy frivolity.  🙂valimage5.jpg

 i will be back with more “show & tell”…i just wanted to post this for a certain someone, for them to see what i had in my stash. 

be back in a jiff.  🙂


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  1. okay – drooling is now my official middle name – love all the goodies…have been staring for quite a while now – need to go before I ruin the keyboard…thanks for sharing it all!!

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