{project atc, day 8 & CED: un oiseau.  the stamps i used were catherine moore’s & also by oxford impressions.}  

dear raesha tagged me the other day to do this “8” meme.  i waited until the 8th day of the new year to respond. 🙂

8 Passions in my life:






simple pleasures

and the two most important passions:
the dh


8 Things to do before I die:


write a book

open an artsy-fartsy establishment that i’d call the vintage tea room & shoppe

learn how to swim

learn how to metalsmith

use my new sewing machine!!!

start a non-for-profit community arts center for  children

8 things I often say:


WTF (actually it’s more like, what the “f”)

wicked (that is from having lived in maine)

ya know

too merch (my sis gail got me hooked on saying that)


you freak

i don’t think so mister! (i often say this to the dh, our male cats & even some of my male students!)

8 books I’ve read recently:

kaleidescope, suzanne simanaitis

vintage paper crafts with anna corba (i just reread this not too long ago…am a big fan)

organizing your craft space, jo packham

simple soldered jewelry & accessories, lisa bluhm

pretty little things, sally jean alexander (does excessive drooling count, lol?  i reach for this book often for inspirational eye candy)!

handmade gifts from the heart, taylor hagerty

the don’t sweat affirmations, richard carlson, ph.d. (i found this book while christmas shopping recently & i keep this one by my nightstand & reach for it before i go to bed at night)

i realize these aren’t books, but i am a voracious readers of all the stampington & co. mags as well as victoria & country living (oops, i think that that technically makes 10!  but let’s count this as one big lump, lol!)

8 Songs that mean something to me:

mary anne, marshall crenshaw

at last, etta james

angel, sarah maclaughlin

hey jude, the beatles

umbrella, rhionna

nothing compares two you, sinead o’connor

we are family, sister sledge

begin the beguine, cole porter

8 Qualities I look for in a friend:

i liked raesha’s list, so i’m gonna copy, except for a couple:

Creativity (my add on)
Positiveness (my add on)


8 people I will pass this on to:


angie wangie






YOU (i’m bad at passing these memes along!)

(p.s., sorry for the wonky typeface…i don’t know how to correct after having copied & pasted from raesha’s bloggy)

have a great evening! xoxo

2 Responses

  1. LOVE your ATC – so vintage style looking – really nice!
    I will do the meme since you were so kind to do a few things for me…I will let you know when I have posted it…!!!
    Hope you have a great wednesday!!

  2. What a great list! Thanks for playing along. And that was genuis posting it on the 8th day!!

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