hubby’s detour

last saturday, i was all set to go out of town & then the dh says he doesn’t feel too well & thinks he may have the flu.   so, as it turned out, we ended up staying home. 😦  

i was so looking forward to seeing the family…oh well, maybe next weekend or someday soon?  aside from playing nursemaid to sick husband, i worked on some swappy wips (which i am not ready to show & tell yet), a couple of atcs pjatc08a.jpg pjatc08c.jpg pjatc08b.jpg pjatc08e.jpg pjatc08g.jpg  pjatc08h.jpg (poor dh, he doesn’t get sick very often. i was reading the winter issue of somerset studio & there was an article about creating meaningful work & using your own personal imagery…well, i found this extra pic of the dh & decided to create something with him in mind…sort of sending the dh some postive, loving & healing thoughts his way…plus, even tho he claims he “is dying”, i still love this guy…through sickness & health, right?)

 for my pet projectpjatc08f3.jpg (& CED), made a couple of runs to the local pharmacy to pick up some otc meds for “i-think-i’m gonna-die” dh, did a couple of loads of laundry, started putting the xmas decorations away (yes, i know, it’s time to put the decos away) & even had a chance visiting with some crafty pals at a local stamp store (during one of my pharmacy runs, hehehe).   

i’m still being arty-crafty, even if i don’t get to the blog each day.  i haven’t forgotten my promises.  now with school looming ahead, it will be even more of challenge to keep up with them…but i am one determined gal. 🙂

i wanted to mention that the itty bitty valentine swap is now closed.  we have a nice, even-numbered group & it’s time to partner up folks.  i hope to post the swap partner list tomorrow in the flickr group. so if you are one of the swappers, then you might want to check that out.  mail out will be feb. 1st.

& one last thing, before i sign off, one of my crafty pals from this offline stamp group that i belong to made this little guy.  it was in a holiday grab bag that i received yesterday.  hmsnowman.jpg can you believe that this is handmade?  i thought it was store-bought, but then i learned that the gal had made it herself.  how lucky for me  because i actually have in the past collected snowmen…this certainly will be added to my existing collection.   thanks ruth, it is sew cute!  🙂

i thought for handmade monday, “snowman” would be the creative prompt for this week.  i will be updating that blog asap. 

time to get crack-a-lacking…so much still to do…it never ends, lol…

have a great week! xoxo


3 Responses

  1. I wish your dh a speedy recovery. I am sure the ATC you made cheered him up. He is one handsome dude!
    I am amazed at all the beautiful work you turn out.

  2. I am so sorry that you did not get to visit family – I hope DH feels better very soon!!!
    You are on a creative roll – now that is so cool…I am loving all your little creations…so cute…and of course the snowman is adorable!!!
    Thanks for sharing it all!!!

  3. Hope your hubby is soon feeling better.
    Love your creations.

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