project atc, day 4

after yoga class this morning, i couldn’t shake off this wicked headache…so i pretty much took it easy & rested.  i didn’t quite get to my valentine charms  today as i had planned, but i did manage to whip up this atc, i call “party frock” (also my effort for CED)>>>projectatc4.jpg  i was searching for some text from one of my vintage books & i came across “frocks” & “party”.  the other day when i was cleaning & reorganizing my studio, i found this li’l dress sticker buried under a bunch of scrap papers  & well, i matched it up with the vintage text.

the dh is talking about visiting his dad this weekend & i’ve been wanting to visit my sisters & the kids too, so depending on how i’m feeling tomorrow, i may go to chi-town with the dh for an impromptu visit with the family.  if that’s the case, then, i’ll have to remember to bring along a little, portable art “studio” & try to craft a couple of atcs this weekend & then post pix of my efforts when we come back.  

we’ll just play it by ear for now. 

have a great weekend, whatever you plan on doing!


p.s., oh yes, just a couple more days to sign-up for the itty bitty valentine swap & then it will close at the end of jan. 7th.


2 Responses

  1. Cute party dress.

  2. I am just LOVING the atc – so cute!!!!VERY CREATIVE!!!
    I hope your headache goes away…I have been fighting one too…go visit with family – it just may help the headache!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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