busy, busy

trying to savor my last few days of winter break before it’s time to head back to school next week.  have been busy, busy… both doing some house chores & working on art stuff.  the dh & i had rented a couple of flicks a few days ago & i have been sort of watching/listening to them…one of them was that marie antoinette one. i’ve seen it a few times already (& when i was at the video place, there really wasn’t much that i wanted to see, so i picked up the marie movie…again)…but i do like it for the music (esp. adam ant & the opera bits) as well as the costumes, scenery & the mise en scene.   i got so engrossed in what i was doing that the flick became background noise after awhile.

anyhoo, here are my efforts for today (& CED).  i didn’t forget about my personal “PROJECT ATC”…i made one for today.


not only did i make that, but i made these as well>>>fzvvswap1.jpg card one

fzvvswap2.jpg card two

fzvvswap3.jpg card three

fzvvswap4.jpgcard four (closed)


for this vintage valentine card swap hosted by the faerie zine folks over in flickr.  i had to make 4 of them  plus a treat or two.  these aren’t due until feb. 8th.   i know, i’m an early bird…but i wanted to get them done.  now that we’re in the new year, my thoughts have turned to all things valentine.   plus, i have more valentine-y stuff to create…18 valentine-themed charms as a matter of fact & those are due at the end of this month!  i’m planning to start those tomorrow. 

that’s all for now.  i’m one tired gal.  i’m off to bed.  sweet dreams! xoxo


8 Responses

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cards……..really creative!!!
    You are on a roll!!!
    Wonderful pieces – of course i am drooling…that is expected at this point…lol
    thanks for sharing it all

  2. You have been so busy. Love it all.

  3. Very cool folding card idea!

  4. You are SO busy with art! I love seeing what you come up with. I have been totally uninspired, and uncreative for the last few weeks. Not feeling well since about Thanksgiving has taken its toll I guess!

    I STILL haven’t gotten a package ready for you, but it is NOT forgotten!! I will send it out to you, I promise!!

  5. thanks everyone for your very kind comments! i sincerely appreciate them!!! xoxo

    & tammy, no worries…i hope you & mike are feeling better!!! happy new year to you! xoxo

  6. love all the prettys you are making!!! Can ya tell me how you made those paper flowers things that are on the hearts? I cant figure it out or maybe im just really tired. haha

  7. OMG….I don’t think I was supposed to see these but I am so excited to be receiving one!! They are all gorgeous! Love the folding idea as well!!! I spent all day working on mine and I’m finally done. I am part of too many swaps and need to get things done early.

    Sandy (sandbeech on flickr)

  8. These are all beautiful , love them all
    Big hug Rini

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