new year, new promises

nearly 16 hours into the 1st day of the new year & i finally got a chance to blog.  actually, it was more like a “reward” to myself.  i had some things to do this morning & i wouldn’t allow myself to blog until i got those things done.  such self-discipline, i know!


 so all morning, i have been diligently cleaning, reorganizing the studio, working on some arty wips & not only that, i even made something for leah’s CED challenge (more about that in a bit). 


as i went about my tasks this morning, thoughts of the past year filled my mind. 

studio1108d.jpg (my binders where i keep my collection of vintage postcards & photos.  after weeks, no months, of disarray, they finally are stored in their proper places

usually most folks are want to make resolutions at the beginning of the new year.  but for me, i rather like to make promises to myself…like what i wrote last year herehere & here.

studio1108f.jpg (also finally put away those errant stamps back to one of many hiding storage spots.)

i feel that i have been creative throughout last year, as well as improved my self-confidence regarding my artwork.   i still tend to worry about “stuff”, but to a lesser degree i think.  i have been doing yoga more regularly as well as making time to contemplate & connect with my thoughts, soul & the universe lately. those seem to keep those “inner critic meanies” at bay.   will continue these promises indefinitely! 

studio1108e1.jpg (a few months ago i had gotten these distressed paints by tim holtz & i just now put them away in its designated cubby.  my goodness, my studio has been in such a state of chaos far too long than i care to admit!)

 i also still tend to create my artwork alone in my studio.   but i have participated in a ton of arty swaps last year.  i think one of the main reasons i have (& continue to be) drawn to such type of swaps (vs. those that simply swap random or specified “non-arty-crafty things”) is that i get to flex my creative muscles.  that is so key to my  creative  journey, you know? i find that they do help me grow as an artist.  from each swap, i learn something new & build on that… so participating in or hosting arty swaps has been like a virtual “art room” with other like-minded souls.  i don’t feel as isolated as when i didn’t participate in swaps at all.

~~to push myself creatively>>>learning something new (to me) …  

 for some time now,  i have been wanting so much to take workshops from people whose work i find so inspiring & unique.  i contemplated (very briefly bec. in the end it was a no-brainer for me!) over whether or not i wanted to splurge & take these solder workshops by the fabulous sally jean. she will be teaching some amazing workshops in portland, or next month & also later in june (ALL her workshops at this year’s art & soul retreat have been already sold out!).  but i think the expense of 1st registering for her workshops (there are 2 that i would LOVE to take) but they are $$$ & 2nd,  compound that with the travel & lodging expenses.  that just translates into more$$$…(SIGH) so i guess i will just have to settle for the cheaper DIY option:

solderstuff.jpg i’d prefer to learn from the pro herself, but it just didn’t make sense to me to spend that kind of moolah on a 2-day trip. 

i am, though, seriously considering taking an altered art workshop by the lovely catherine moore.  i LOVE her work & own quite a few of her amazing art stamp sets.  she recently came out with a new line stamps (which i can’t wait to order some!) & a new book (i already pre-ordered my copy)…AND she is coming to cheeseland in the spring!  wowzers…i just emailed the folks organizing the workshop & i hope i can get into one or both of her workshops!  it’s not as costly as sally jean’s.  & it’s a heck of a lot closer to home! keeping my fingers crossed (BIGTIME) on that one, hehehe…

sorry, i got a bit carried away there.  where were we?  oh yes, promises to self…other things i thought i’d strive for this year are

~~to be more consistently GREEN & RECYCLE more in my artwork. 

 i have been doing some of that lately.  since i have this tendency to SAVE all sorts of stuff…it has occurred to me that i can repurpose cardboard boxes in my various artwork. studio1108i.jpg  just this morning, i broke down & cut up a bunch of boxes (e.g., frozen pizza, cracker, mailing envelopes, etc.) & now i have what’s starting to look like a nice supply of pre-cut base cards ready for atcs/aceos, inchies or itty bitty collages. 🙂studio1108j.jpg 

also, in my foray into my jam-packed studio, i uncovered many found objects that i have forgotten that i had squirreled away but have been meaning to remix them into some fabulous piece of art.painted-board-books2.jpg 

 like these kiddie board books that i have gessoed & painted…they will be altered someday very, very soon. oh what fun those will be to work on!painted-board-books1.jpg

~~to incorporate more drawing & painting in my artwork. 

a few years ago, i used to draw & paint on a regular basis.  but for awhile, i had sort of lost the drive & motivation to sketch & paint like i had previously.  but i think i am ready to go back to those media again.  it’s been too long.   i have been thinking about doing a somewhat larger-scale project (16″ x 20″) using this map,khproj.jpg

 among other things, as well as incoporate painting to commemorate ken’s life.  the dh & i were quite moved by the eulogies we heard & slideshow we saw about him.  i thought i would & should make something as a sort of tribute and memento.  i didn’t know him as well as the dh, but his passing has affected us both more than we could possibly realize.  he had that great of an impact on us.   this project is definitely on my to-do list for the new year…

~~to use more of what i already have,studio1108h.jpg rather than keep buying dupes or trips of stuff. 

 i have been giving away things that i currently do not use or have a use for anymore in my monthly wysiwyg wednesday giveaways (which will continue, btw, as usual)… ooh, the former is going to be a hard one as i can’t resist a bargain, but i will try to be a more conscientious buyer. 

~~to finally, finally set up my very own website. 

 i’ve been researching this for over a year now…i think now’s a good as any time to take the plunge.  while i have appreciated the use of etsy to open & start up my shop, i think having your own site gives you a bit more of free reign & control.  everything is still in the works, but i hope that this dream will become a reality sometime later this year. 

~~to be creative everyday

this ties in with leah’s CED challenge for 2008.  for today, i made this atcartproj1.jpg

i think i will make this a personal goal to make at least ONE atc (or aceo) a day throughout the year. i mean, i have a ton of cardboard that i can use to start off my atc project.  🙂  yikers, that means at the end of the year, i will have created 365 atcs!  wowza!  how cool will that be in the end?!

& lastly,

~~to always, always remember to follow my bliss



5 Responses

  1. Wow you have been busy. You have so many beautiful supplies.

  2. of course – you know me – I drooled over your supplies…lol
    I love the goals you have set….especially the ATC one a day…that is wonderful….I belong to an ATC forum if you are interested in getting ideas – inspirational…they have swaps….exchange info….ALL KINDS OF STUFFIES..all surrounding ATCs and anything that leads from it…you would be surprised – let me know I will give you the url to it.
    I look forward to your creations….I am like you – cannot really afford workshops so I teach myself…it may take longer but I feel so much more accomplished doing it that way..(at least for me).
    Thanks for sharing it all….I also joined CED so it should be a great year of challenges and creativity!!!

  3. Wow what an art studio. I would love to join in the organization just so I could have a peek at all your cool stuff. I love your ATC card. Mary Ann your art studio just shows how creative you are. My house looks like a bomb hit it, I don’t know where to start, all the kids were home and my husband took two weeks off as well. If I start with my art room, I might never leave. Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings, Karen

  4. you have so much inspiration to give! i absolutely adore my swappie gifts and often stare into the beautiful little glass dome in wonder as it sits on my kitchen table 🙂 even my son is amazed by the tiny little house you created. he is still trying to figure out how you got it all in there! you are a sweet, sweet soul. thank you so very much! happy new year to you. xo

  5. LOVED seeing all your pictures! What great promises. i know you will make that website dream come true!

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