an update: a conspiracy of love

remember debra, the gal i mentioned a couple of posts ago who felt alone at christmastime?

well, i just read my email from cheryl & i happily share some of what she wrote us (& i think you will be as warmly delighted as i was to learn the following tidbits):

Topic of the Week – Happy Endings

Well Friends…

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been wondering about Debra and the amount of mail she’s received. For those of who may not have read the previous newsletter, Debra is a brave community member who wrote to me asking for a holiday card to help make her Christmas feel less lonely. With her permission, I decided to share her request (and address) with our community and they responded by flooding her with good wishes.

This week, Debra shared an update. At this point she has been pleasantly overwhelmed with more than 1,000 cards and letters from around the world — the US, Canada, UK, France, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, and more. She writes:

“I wish it were possible to thank each one individually because each of them now has a special place in my heart. I’ve been asked to correspond with so many of these people…I feel as though I’ve made some new friends. Some cards came with a Grace Card enclosed, some with angel pocket tokens, family pictures, bookmarks, gift cards and I even received cards made by elementary school children at a school in New Mexico – these are a treasure to me. Many people shared their stories of loneliness and grief and many shared favorite poems, quotes, or affirmations. I was even thrilled to hear from your family, Cheryl, especially your father.”

Isn’t that great? Your willingness to reach out to a stranger has not only made a huge difference in her life, but from the emails I’ve received, this outpouring of kindness has touched the lives of
everyone who reads this newsletter. Thank you for participating in the conspiracy of love :). Debra finished her email by saying:

“This Christmas, although spent by myself (never alone), was one of the very best and most memorable I’ve ever known. You’ve shown me that people care when I had pretty much given up on life and was sure that no one even knew I existed. I have been truly blessed!”

Now there’s a happy ending!

& i would just like to add this:  never underestimate the power of KINDNESS.  it really does matter.


3 Responses

  1. WOW!!! How cool!!

    Just poppin’ over to wish yo a HAPPY NEW YEAR cutie~pie!!!

    We are staying right in Whitefield, as we have about 6 inches of snow so far this morning!! EEEEEKKK!!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing this Mary Ann. I’m sure Debra never dreamed of this kind of response. I’m happy to have been a part of it. Such a great feeling for everyone.
    By the way, your card was wonderful – so creative and unique. Happy New Year to you and your dh!

  3. WOW – what a beautiful ending to a such a simple request….and a blessed way of ending the year and starting anew…
    thanks for sharing it

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