winter’s repose


there’s a little frog pond by the house & the last couple of days, i have found my way there. 


 we had a huge snowfall a couple of days ago & “the new snow” is so fresh, inviting & believe it or not, invigorating. meinsnow3.jpgso i donned my winter gear & started for what’s becoming “my daily constitution”.


  at the pond, the only tracks in the deep snow are mine & a few deer’s. 


 i like the simple quietude there, plus the fact that noone except a fool like me goes there this time of year. 


the stillness at the frog pond really allows me to connect to my thoughts, my soul & the universe.


my thoughts & prayers lately have been to one family in particular.  these past few days have been subdued & sombre…fkh2.jpg

remembering someone who was, as many people have described him at his memorial service, an “angel on earth” & now one in heaven.

  i thought of you ken when i made this


because you were & will always be regarded as an angel to a great many.

may you r.i.p. in winter’s repose.

& for diane & the rest of the family, i found this poem, a way to offer some solace for your great loss


No Person is Ever Truly Alone
by Richard Fife

No person is ever truly alone.
Those who live no more,
Whom we loved,
Echo still within our thoughts,
Our words, our hearts.
And what they did
And who they were
Becomes a part of all that we are,


3 Responses

  1. What lovely photos of the snow. It looks so cold. Today in my little part of the world it is going to be 42degrees ( 107 farenheit) so we are having the complete opposite weather conditions.
    What lovely thoughts you have sent Diane’s way.
    Cute snow angel in memory of Ken.
    Take care.

    Sweet Tribute….
    thanks for sharing it all!!!

  3. I can feel the peace and stillness when I look at your lovely photos. It was the same in upstate NY last week. Beautiful poem. I wish Ken’s family peace and strength.

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