finding time for art

although it has been a bit quiet on the blog, i did accomplish some things this weekend.  i got crack-a-lacking on this swap wip that i have been kinda procrastinating.  it’s for artchix‘s itty bitty swap project.   a while back, i had ordered one of their faux postage sheets ( called “glamour post”) & whipped up these itty bitties (or “ibs” as they are called in the artchix group).  check it out…i plan on mailing them tomorrow (deadline is january 10th).


i’m supposed to make 6 for 6 ibs.  of course, i had to use what i had plus also artchix faux postage images (such as the glamour post sheet i bought recently) & i really had fun making these…which has got my juices flowing ‘cuz next will be some valentine ibs for this swap i’m hosting (there’s still time to join…sign-up ends on jan. 7th or if the group reaches 30 artists, whichever comes first.  right now there are 19 members). 

here they are again, one by one.  so that you can better view the details.

acibs3.jpg on a more random note, the dh got me a {WOW} brand new sewing machine (it’s computerized & everything!!)…


but i am afraid to start using it…i have been using my li’l handy-dandy machine & have gotten quite attached to the thing! 


the new one, well, it’s got all sorts of bells & whistles on it that i am feeling a little intimidated.  i have such a nasty habit of breaking the needle!  & the owner’s manual, well, omg, is wicked LONG!


can you believe it, the new one is still in the box?!  gulp, i’s afraid…

but i will muster up the courage to at least take it out of the box, hehehe!  acibs4.jpg

 tho, i can’t promise you that i will get the handle or feel comfortable/confident on the new machine right away…


 it’s gonna take some time for that.  yeh, lots of time. 


4 Responses

  1. What beautiful creations.

  2. CONGRATS on the new sewing machine – how cool is that….don’t be intimidated just go for it!!!! (I know easier said then done)
    LOVE the creations…really beautiful!!!!!

  3. Dear Maryann,
    Great artwork and here’s wishes for a Happy New Year. Karen

  4. These are all beautiful !
    Happy 2008 , Rini

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