wysiwyg wednesday

hope you all had a  hollyjolly.jpg

we had some company over for dinner…ohdeerme2.jpg

it was so enDEERing to have them join us.odeerme1.jpg

 it’s the last WEDNESDAY of the month & you know what that means? 

it’s time to play WYSIWYG WEDNESDAY! yippee!! 🙂

the freebies for this month are three CDs basically collecting dust in my studio…they are all from the vintage workshop.  i have not used them, so they are as good as new…& they can be installed on either windows or mac…& printed onto paper, fabric, canvas, transfer…

item #1 up for grabs is :ww1226f.jpg (front cover) this contains 30 images of clip art.

(back cover) ww1226e.jpg the back cover shows a sample of images on the cd.

item #2:ww1226d.jpg 

ww1226c.jpgthis one also has 30 images of vintage kiddies…cute!

item #3: ww1226a.jpg ww1226b.jpg

this one has 20 images…

if anything tickles your fancy here, just leave me a comment stating so.  i will take names until midnight tonight cst.  then the dh will randomly draw 3 lucky names & i will announce the winners tomorrow.  bonne chance! 😉

just a couple of pix of some more goodies i received a couple of days ago & opened yesterday>>>

 my green holiday swap  from tammy fromtc.jpg  thank you tammy…i appreciate everything you so generously sent me!  hope you & your family had a wonderful christmas!! 🙂

& i was spoilt by terrie (aka chocolate is the best medicine on flickr)…she was my secret partner in the 12 days of christmas crafty goodness swap (also on flickr).  WOWZA!!fromtr.jpg  thank you from the bottom of my heart terrie!  i ❤ everything you so generously sent my way!! 🙂

welp, that’s all she wrote for today…tune in tomorrow when i announce the lucky ww winners!

shine on!  xoxo


3 Responses

  1. What beautiful photos! A White Christmas indeed…
    Hope your was very Merry!

  2. yay I love your give aways…..lol
    Definitely count me in….I love # 3 and #1 but any of the three are great!!!
    (crossing my fingers tight – hoping I win…lol)
    BTW – in today’s mail I received your sweet card….LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT..it is going in my family album….just beautiful – I am truly touched by your kindness….
    WOW – those deer are awesome…I rarely see deer in florida – but I see alot of aligators…lol I guess those are our deers…lol
    take care

  3. what a beautiful picture of your holiday guests! I wish they were visiting me instead of the family of opossums that have been driving my 4 dogs crazy! I love number 1 and 3 -these are neat cds -I haven’t seen them before. Happy New Year,
    Brenda Bliss

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