’twas the night before christmas


while other folks were happily (or maybe not so happily) doing their last minute holiday shopping, i had to run a few errands this morning for an entirely different reason.   the dh asked me if i could take care of some “condolences stuff” in town.  so i went to the local florist & ordered some floral arrangements to be sent to the late k.h.’s wake and funeral services, which will be both held later in the week.  one of the florist shop ladies told me that she heard that the widow took down all the christmas decorations at the house. {the dh had gotten a call the other day to help take the decorations down, but we were not home at the time}.  i told her yes, that was true.  we chatted for a bit about how the whole thing was such a terrible tragedy, etc.  it’s kinda hard to get into the holiday spirit when you know that you’ve got a wake & funeral to go to right after christmas & that it’s going to be a totally huge tear fest…but i kept it together & wished the floral shop ladies, merry christmas.  next i had to pick up some suitable attire for the dh to wear for the services.  he is not fond of wearing a suit & tie, but he will this time out of respect.  man, i tell ya, this is not my kind of shopping.  but it had to be done, because everything will be shut tomorrow…

snman2.jpgi was never more glad to get home.  away from the frenetic crowds, the ringing bells (salvation army bell ringers, that is) & the general hustle & bustle of town.  one good thing about living on the outskirts is that it is nice & quiet here…

okay, onto a new subject…momwithsanta.jpg

yesterday, i forgot to share these cute pix of my mom, who had visited me last week. 


 whenever she comes to visit me, she is always wanting to go shopping, lol!  she says the sales tax here is so much lower than in chi-town.  did i not tell you that my mom is the ultimate bargain shopper or what?! 🙂

also, while the dh & i were out the other day, we didn’t notice that i had gotten a (white) box.  it was on the front porch, half-covered with snow.  my dh spotted it yesterday.  it was from  jenny, one of my partners in this swap








it was such an unexpected & pleasant surprise!  thanks so much jenny, i appreciate everything! 😉

i am looking forward to this

 ced08.gifin the new year…this will be challenging to be sure, but i think i am up for it! 

things are shaping up nicely with the valentine swap


so far we have an awesome bunch of artists formed…can’t wait to start on my itty bitty collage.  i have been working on some craft wips in the studio lately. soon i will be ready to share.

we will be having a quiet holiday tomorrow…we hope yours will be full of xmas2007ab.jpg

& goodwill.  xoxo


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