life goes on

 it’s been a sombre mood at our house since we first learned of the tragic news.  shantforget.jpg  that day will be one we won’t soon forget.    the sudden passing of someone, especially one who was so beloved by a great many khart.jpg  is hard to accept or shake off. 

but yet, life goes on.  it has too.  

it is difficult at first.   but with time, grief will loosen its tight grip. 

 it didn’t  seem right or significant to blog about holiday festivities the other day.  my dh was in such a state of shock, that blogging had to take a backseat.  i had to be there for him.   it was such a terrible blow.  the dh says he cannot stop thinking how the accident should not ever have happened & that it could have been avoided.  it hurt me to see my dh, who is usually laid-back & cracking jokes, so upset.   but i realize that it is better to let him grieve than have him just stuff all that inside. 

it takes tremendous strength & courage to move on.  wish.jpgthat is my wish for his family & all who was touched by him this christmas.


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