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snowman1.jpga while ago, i was tagged by ellie to do the 7 random things meme…i think i may have done this before sometime ago…but i will do it again.  i am supposed to tag 3 other people so i will tag YOU, YOU, & YOU (i’m so bad at choosing folks to tag, hehehe, so i tag anyone reading this who wants to do it)…


1.  i love to roller (& ice) skate.  there used to be a nice roller skating rink in town, but it closed down last year.  when it was opened, though, i used to skate almost every weekend.  yes, i would be surrounded by tons of kids, but oh how i loved it.  it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to skate for hours…from open to close time (a good 4 hours or so!)…that’s how much of a freak i was for skating.  it was such great exercise, you know? but alas, i have not skated much since the rink closed.  i heard, tho, there is a rink in mad city…when the weather isn’t so frightful, i just may have to trek over there & check it out.  i want to skate again & hopefully now that i am off from school, i might be able to do that. 🙂


2. i used to participate in mini-marathons or “fun runs” when i was a teen.  i even won first place for my age group one year.  i got a trophy & everything…it is at my mom’s house somewhere.  funny thing tho, i was the ONLY one in my age group to compete, lol!  oh well, i won that trophy fair and square.


3.   i was mugged once in broad daylight.  i was working at an inner city hosptial in chi-town at the time & i was on my way to work at another hospital in a rather shady part of town.  someone grabbed my backpack & smashed my car window.  i remember screaming  for help. it’s kind of a blur now, but i remember feeling very scared & violated.  my dh, who was my bf at the time, was so furious that someone did this to me.  i was pretty shaken up & decided i didn’t want to risk my life on a daily basis.  so i gave my two weeks notice & started looking for another job.  it was a blessing in disguise really because it all led me to a job in maine, where we (the dh & i) eventually lived (& loved living) for five years.   


4.   when i was going to school in dc many moons ago, i used to be the “neighborhood dog walker”.  i had been living with an elderly woman who needed someone to walk her dog regularly as she was semi-bed ridden.  long story short, word got out that i was walking dogs & before i knew it, i was walking 4-5 dogs at a time in between classes (i lived conveniently across the street from the university).  yeh, that must have been a sight!  little ol’ me walking (or rather being pulled by, lol) a group of dogs all ranging from toy poodle to english sheepdog!  i was young, poor & able…the extra $$$ sure did come in handy, tho.


5.  i’m a bit embarrassed to share this (& it’s been YEARS), but one time, (& my long-time pal angie might remember this) i went to an all-male review show.  my sis looney was with me, angie & a couple of other gals. we were young & single then! this was the first (& only) time i went to see men strip.  in college, my pals always joked about going to this place in cheeseland (& i believe it is still there) called the “sugar shack” to see men “take it all off”.  but we didn’t have the nerve.  but anyway, i don’t know how or who decided that we’d go to the strip show at this local bar we used to go dancing, but somehow we showed up.  i remember feeling quite uncomfortable with the whole stuffing dollars down someone’s g-string.  never was i more mortified when a g-string clad man pulled me off my seat & started dancing with me!  my sister said i looked like a “rag doll”, lol…i don’t know, but i was shy, & not to mention embarrassed, about being there.  everyone else, tho, was going NUTS & enjoying themselves.  see what happens when you have a bunch of half-naked men prancing around & a gaggle of wild & excited women, hahaha!globe.jpg

6. which reminds me of another time, years later, at a friend’s bachlorette party.  her sister & college pals hosted a “surprise party”….oh not the kind that one would ordinarily think.  it wasn’t that kind of surprise!  goodness me, i was never more surprised or (again) embarrassed to see a vast array of, um, shall we say, “speciality toys” (do you catch my drift folks?).  & all the party favors & even food items were shaped in well, er, a certain male anatomy…yeh, it was a no-holds bar sort of party, let me tell you.  i know that if anyone of my sisters or college pals ever threw THAT sort of party for me, i would be besides myself, lol!


not that i’m a prude or anything (ok, maybe just a teeny weeny bit), but OMG, must i have to know all the gory details of certain motorized machinery??!  too much information if you asked me!


7.  & last but not least….lemme see…what has the ol’ grey matter have me to recall?  ok, here’s one that comes to mind just now.  i do not know how to drive “stick” (or as some call it, “standard”).  an old bf tried to teach me, but i was utterly hopeless.  i just do not get the whole shifting gears & stepping on the clutch dealio, you know?  couldn’t keep that straight & plus, i was so used to driving automatic.  i guess you can say that i was very resistant to learning.  sigh, i’d rather take automatic than stick any day.  my dh knows how to drive stick, thank goodness…so problem solved for me, hehehe.  besides, aren’t most cars out on the road automatic anyhow? whatever… right?


this past week, i have been showered with some christmas love…thank you my dear friends!  i ❤ everything you so generously sent!!! 

cardfromjude.jpg from jude…brilliant! xoxo


cardsfrraesha.jpg from raesha…wonderful! xoxo



frommcmullins.jpg from melanie aka melba…wicked sweet! xoxo


 victoriajan.jpg i also received my latest VICTORIA… omg, i have missed this beautiful & inspirational magazine far too long!  i am so thrilled (you don’t know!!) that it is back in my life. 

victoriajan2.jpg i have said before that this magazine in particular has been my PRIMER for all things beautiful & romantic…since i was a single gal in grad school (& that was many moons ago)!

victoriajan4.jpg  it has the nicest blend of eye candy, information & inspiration…victoriajan5.jpg without being so over the top, overwhelming  & sometimes overkill (as i call it) as in some other mags out there.


it has a simple & understated elegance that i find oh so appealing. a breath of fresh air, really.

victoriajan3.jpg you must grab this copy if you haven’t already…one of my dear bloggy pals’ belle maison graces the pages in this issue!  she, herself, took the stunning pictures. 


 oh, i am so proud & thrilled for her!  bravo corey bravo!! the world needs to see what many of us already see in you & your amazing photography! 🙂


 yesterday i finally got to our holiday cards.  i am late sending out our holiday cards this year, but hopefully they will get to you before the new year!




5 Responses

  1. First THANKS SO MUCH for doing the 7 random things about you meme…It was wonderful…I even got some giggles out of it!!!
    The eye candy in your entry just fascinates me…WOW…just wonderful!!!
    I have never seen that magazine before…never heard of it…I will have to see if I can find it locally!!!
    Thanks for sharing it all!!!

  2. WOW! So much Christmasy goodness here to ogle!!

  3. I love learning all these random things about you. I feel the same way about certain “specialty toys” – I would absolutely die of embarassment!!! My friend at work teases me about it all the time cause I turn all red everytime she talks about s-e-x.
    I’m glad you like your present:) just a little something for a beautiful, loving blog sista:)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog through out the year. It has been fun getting to know you,.
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

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