the hubby is still pretty much shaken up by the sudden loss of his client.  i, too, am feeling the effects. it pains me to see my dh so affected by this.  his client was a good & kind-hearted man.  & very generous, not just monetarily but also with his words.  he greatly appreciated all the work my dh has done over the years for him & would tell him so every chance he got.  they had a good business relationship & they had mutual respect for one another.   the last time i saw him was at his daughter’s open house last summer, where my dh had done extensive work there.  i could tell that he was fond of my dh…he had nothing but good things to say.  i will always remember his blue twinkling eyes.  for someone as prominent as he was, he always looked you in the eyes when he talked to you.  he was very down-to-earth & i think that’s why my dh got along so well with him. 

my heart goes out to his extensive family.  the news about his sudden passing is BIG here in town.  i can only imagine the extreme sadness & pain his loved ones are going through right now.   please keep his family in your thoughts & prayers. he touched so many lives, directly & indirectly.  his presence will be sorely missed.

 it is surreal that this happened.  an unexpected passing of someone you knew is always upsetting, unsettling & unnerving.  so many questions of WHY?  are forefront on many’s minds.   death always has this nasty way of sobering you up wicked fast & as trite as this sounds, reminding us that life is short & we have to LIVE life to the fullest as well as show GRATITUDE for what we have.  because our time on this earth is limited & can be taken without any warning.    

thank you friends for your comforting words.   they will help carry us through this difficult time. 


2 Responses

  1. It’s hard, I know….hang in there.
    His poor family.

  2. What a tragedy. Losing someone at anytime is so sad but at this time of year it is even more painful. My thoughs are with them.

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