a shock

i was all set to catch up on my blogging (& i had all sorts of things to post) now that i am officially on winter break from the SCHOOL when i got a call from the dh… now i will have to postpone my post for now.

it was not good. i can hear that he was extremely upset…& he never usually is.  i  started to be alarmed & immediately said, are you okay?  what happened?!!!    he was on his way to the jobsite this morning  & he learned that his client had a nasty accident last night & suddenly passed away.  i only met the man twice, but i started to cry because this client was very generous & good to my dh over the years.  my dh is in complete shock because he just saw his client yesterday.  he has worked for this client the past 3 yrs.  just before the hubby left this morning, he told me that the client was going to throw a little xmas party at the jobsite as token of his appreciation for everyone’s hardwork.  for the past few months the dh, along with the client’s  employees, have been building this ginormous addition on his estate.  

my hubby did not sound good, very shaken up.  i feel so badly for what this client’s family must be going through, just days before christmas.    after he meets up with his client’s employees, he will come back home.  when he does, i will be ready with open arms to comfort him.      


6 Responses

  1. Mary Ann, I am so sorry for the pain your huband and you must be feeling. You are both in my thoughts.

  2. I am so glad you and your husband have each other. He will need your support. It’s such a terrible blow for everyone concerned. Know that I am thinking of the two of you and my heart goes out to this individual’s family.

  3. I am so sorry for the loss your husband and you feel…that is just a terrible thing to happen…
    it is a blessing that you and hubby have each other!!!
    Please know that I will keep your husband’s client and the family in my prayers!!!
    take care

  4. Oh wow – what a shock this must be.

    I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts – and this man’s family – it must be terribly difficult right now!

  5. I’m so sorry – that is horrible:( I’m sending big hugs and love to hubby and you.

  6. so sorry to hear this Dear~ones!!!


    We too have a bit of a dramatic holidays, and I am finally catching up with you all!



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