a change of heart

for a while, i have had been having such a time with one of my swaps.  remember that rant i did  not too long ago, where i said i wouldn’t even dare to host another one for an unspeciified amount of time?

well, i was reminiscing & looked at this group that i formed last february (aka my anniversary month, btw) & we had  such WICKED fun!  i’m thinking that we need to do it again, but with a little twist.  last year, i had 35 artists participate  & look at this AWESOME atc sampler that i photocollaged>>>collage178abc.jpg

SPECTACULAR, right?  yeh, i thought so, lol!  this year, i decided that we’re going to  make itty bitty (that’s right…it’s bigger than an inchie or a typical atc….it’s  3 inch x 3 inch square) mixed media collages with a valentine/love theme.  now hold on…you’re only going to have to make one & your partner will also be one & the same who will be your partner back (instead of the domino effect kind i’ve done in other swaps). 

ALSO ( & it’s a BIG also), there will be RULES.  i’ve had to do this because i had such problems in my previous swap.  just go here & read carefully & thoroughly before committing to this swap.  remember, it only takes  a couple of bad apples to spoil it for everyone…so think long & hard before committing…because i really want to AVOID any grief /heartache/ disappointments from less than stellar swappers!  i stand FIRM on this because i really learned the HARD way on my last swap!  i want no repeats of the crazy you-know-what!!

if you are in, just sign-up in the group i’ve set up.  sign-ups will run until there have been 30 artists signed up OR thrujanuary 7th (whichever comes first),  with mail-out by february 1, 2008.   here’s the swap badge if you would like to post to your sites.  just remember to put the link to the flickr swap group>>> here is the badge link:  http://www.flickr.com/groups/ittybittyvalentineswap/

& here’s the badge:oscittybittyswap.jpg you may copy & save onto your desktop & then post on your sites. 

i think i hit all the highlights for this new swap.  i really do hope that we have a good turn-out with not only fantastic artists, but exceptional swappers as well.  with the new year just around the corner, sometimes, it’s not a bad practice to drop (kick) the old & usher in the new!  😉


2 Responses

  1. I’d like to participate but lame me, I couldn’t find the rules. But I’m good at following rules, don’t worry.

  2. I’m Sorry but I have to drop out of the swap too sick right now. Love Debb

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