red letter weekend!

1217d.jpgmany thanks to all who came by for our virtual holiday tea!  it was simply TEArrific, hehehe!  the hubby & i have been nibbling on all the savories & sweets from our tea. all weekend long   🙂


 hope you had a delightfully cozy weekend in your neck of the woods.  it was a very snowy, wintery one here.  1217b.jpg  there are huge snowpiles around the driveway…evidence of hubby & a pal of his doing snow removal detail yesterday.    they forecast more, (yes, MORE!) snow by the end of the week!  it’s gonna be a WHITE christmas this year, without a doubt!1217a.jpg

 during our tea party, the mailman came by with a bunch of parcels  & the dh said, YOU’VE GOT MAIL!  oh yay…red16.jpg  here’s some cute RED (which btw is this week’s creative prompt over at handmade monday) merch that i recently ordered from papier valise.  the red pompom garland is actually wired (nice!) and the ballerina is an unusual looking one…the gals over at papier valise describe it as their “punk rock” ballerina…she does look a bit crazed, lol!

while we’re on the topic of red,  i got a sweet li’l package from michel, one of my st. louie pals :).  thank you so much michel for the unexpected, but very much appreciated gifties!!  if you don’t mind, i added your cute santa ornie to the red pool over at handmade monday 🙂


& oh, she also made this wicked cute kitty charm w/ itty bitty domino!  love this too!!!  will be adding it to the rest of my charm collections!frommichel162.jpg

also in the mail, i got a couple of HUGE boxes….one from my long-time friend & colleague, mary & the other from my 12 days of crafty goodness swap partner, terrie (this swap is on flickr).  i didn’t open them because i wanted to save them until christmas!  so i promptly placed them under the tree.  oooh, the anticipation!

last week, i was absorbed in “white”, this week, it looks like i’m on a “red” kick, hahaha!   i’ve been working with lots of crimson lately…formar.jpg like this painted papier mache jewelry box.  the top is painted with “antique linen” (by tim holtz) and the bottom was painted in plain red acryic paint.  it’s part of my “secret santa” giftie to an unsuspecting flickr pal…shhhh…it’s a secret!

red17a.jpg & this is also for the lucky pal! 

red17b.jpg a 3-d xmas ornie i made for my pal mary (whom i mentioned above)…i used the same kind of jewelry box, but altered it to fit these tiny xmas sleigh, santa, star & tree.  i have a ton of these boxes that i need to DO something with, lol…why not some altered art what-not?  

today, i’ve got a bunch of holiday wips to complete & uploading on my etsy (sheesh, hadn’t done that yet!!!)…plus i’ve been re-thinking my recent & slight aversion to swaps (remember my rant a few posts ago?)…well, looks like i’ve had a change of heart & i’m cooking up a new swap for the new year…yes, i know, i wasn’t going to dare to host another one…but it’s a new year & i think we should erase the “bad karma” from the old year….don’t you?  more about this soon!   

my mom is coming to visit for a couple of days…so…i better get crack-a-lacking before she gets here…’cuz i know she wants to go shopping! 😉

have a great week! xoxo


4 Responses

  1. Oh Mary Ann – Your goodies are wonderful….I really have to stop drooling over your stuffies…I think i am ruining my keyboard…lol
    but I love it all….so glad your teaparty was a success – I will definitely be joining it next year…gotta get me some cute tea cups…(we have none – not even mugs) – Hope you have a wonderful and warm week…

  2. Such gorgeous photos of all the goodies at your virtual tea. You could publish your own magazine! It’s so cute to see your hubby enjoying the finer things.
    Thanks for posting the charm and ornament. Glad you like them.
    We had 7 inches of snow over the weekend–so pretty and fluffy especially under the sun and cloudless sky.
    I’ll be spending Christmas in upstate NY. You and I will both have white Christmases. Yea! Best wishes to you and your dh, Michel

  3. Hey Girlfriend – I forgot to mention that I have tagged you in my blog for 7 random things about you….check out here in the link:

    only if you want to – no pressure – just fun!!!

  4. What gorgeous decorations.

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