time for {high} tea!


 YAY!  today’s our virtual holiday tea party…  i’m having a bit of a late start…but the party’s in full swing in our flickr group.  go take a look & perhaps grab yourself a cuppa or two 🙂  …i finally have things ready (both upstairs & downstairs)  & i decided to do  “high tea”, hehehe… better late than never, right (& besides, how would it look if i no-showed my own virtual party!)…














 (advent calendar i made last christmas)

if you are joining in our virtual tea, please either  post your tea time pix in our flickr group or post your url link here so that i can come visit you! 🙂

also, it’s still not too late to join in on the fun!  i’m gonna extend our virtual tea time though the rest of the weekend, yipee!  have at it!!

so without further ado, let’s parTEA!!!


it’s a snowy day at our house…but that’s not going to spoil our fun.


come in out of the cold & grab yourself a cuppa 🙂

teatime15z.jpg welcome to our humble abode, where delectable delights await you.


feeling a bit peckish? 

teatime15q.jpg  then have something to wash down with your cuppa tea…

 teatime15v.jpg (my long-time collection of nutcrackers all lined up)

please. help yourself…there’s plenty more where that came from, lol!teatime15o.jpg


teatime15i.jpg  (i don’t usually cook like this…only on very special occasions…okay, when i feel like it)…





teatime15e.jpg (my tea cup tree)






teatime15a.jpg just a heads up…my dh is such a jokester…he can never take a “normal” picture…he always has to do something semi-obscene…

teatime15b.jpg trust me, i didn’t want to show this pix (or the others like it, lol!)…but the only way i’d get hubby to join me in the pix is if he got to do a “funny” pix…yeh, hardy, har, har…{sigh} he is something else, you know! yeh, this is my hubby…


okay, enough of my sideshow hubby, lol…


thanks for stopping by!  it was so nice to have you join us!  hope you had as much fun as i did hosting this virtual holiday tea.  wishing you all the best this holiday season & always!  xoxo


6 Responses

  1. Wow! Mary Ann! You went all out – it looks lovely!! Your hubby makes me laugh! I’m not sure I could convince Mike to be in a pic either! 🙂

  2. I had a wonderful virtual tea party with my friend Jenni! Wow, is there really snow? I’m afraid we’ll have a black Christmas here in Finland this year.

  3. WOWOWOW – what a BEAUTIFUL spread of yummies….Mary Ann you have gone all out and it looks wonderful!!!!
    I went to your flickr page and the pictures are just wonderful…what a great showing….looks like your tea party is a massive success….I am so thrilled for you!!!
    Thanks for sharing all the goodies – now I am hungry for some munchies…lol

  4. Thank you for the invitation.
    It is beautiful to have a peek into your lovely Christmas house.
    The food looks delicious and I love the old teacups.
    I have a dozen myself, so I could make a tree of them too 🙂
    Like the haiku also very much !!

  5. Your high tea looks divine!
    I had to laugh at the photo of your husband, mine played tea parties with me too, and I couldn’t get a photo of him with him doing something silly!

  6. Ack, I meant to say “without him doing something silly”

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