friday’s finds * virtual holiday tea * & fun, fun fun!


i’ve been busy  getting ready for tomorrow’s virtual holiday tea & i can’t wait to parTEA, hehehe!  won’t you come join us? 🙂

after school  the other day, i discovered a new (to me) antique mall,  the bargain barn,  that i never happened to notice before & found myself pulling into their driveway, lol.  it was another hectic day at the school, &  i needed to unwind…finding the bargain barn was indeed a nice diversion.  i walked in & met 2 men who greeted me & told me  they were having an end of a year sale.  my lucky day!  the place was ginormous, filled to the brim with all sorts of vintage & antique treasures.  it was a bit overwhelming walking through what seemed like endless rooms of STUFF.  one could get lost in there. seriously.

here are my friday’s finds this week, courtesy of the bargain barn (& they didn’t hurt the ol’ pocketbook, either)>>>

frifinds14e.jpg a funky & shiny pink glass ornie that was a buck.  it’s rather large, measuring about 4.5 inches from tip to bottom.  i won’t be crushing this one to make glass glitter…this one is a keeper.  🙂 

frifinds14a.jpg  a stack of assorted cards from the 1950s.   the whole lot was $4 usd.

frifnds14c.jpg  some miscellaneous pretties that i found for wicked cheap!  more seemingly “useless” stuff that i can use in future art projects. 

i found this charming hat box to hold all my vintage finds.  frifinds14d.jpg

 frifinds14b.jpg i think my fav out of the bunch has got to be those sparkly stars.  they are actually buttons & the dealer said they were on sale for 80 cents a piece.    yay how lucky for me!

nothing like wading through aisles of vintage junk to brighten my mood & jump start those creative juices!

speaking of which, i  found time to make these this week>>>

 white1.jpg an altered dress form all decked out in shades of creamy white (which btw is this week’s creative prompt for handmade monday)

white2.jpg  will be uploaded to my etsy shop very soon,,,

pinkatcs11.jpg as will these girlie aceos…

joyangel.jpg & this angel ornie that i made from vintage pipe cleaner doll headfrifinds25b.jpg & other fun stuff from my personal stash…

pinkstock2.jpg & this victorian-inspired stocking…not just for christmas, but can be hung anytime of the year…if you are a romantic sort like me 🙂

pinkstock1.jpg (detail of cuff)…i’ll likely upload these lovelies after the virtual holiday tea….so much to get ready for tomorrow’s  parTEA!  

the other day i was blessed by this AMAZING & EXCEPTIONAL package from marcella aka miss priss 4595 on flickr.  she generously showered me with sew many fabulous goodies!  frommisspriss45951.jpg

thank you from the bottom of my heart marcella…i truly appreciate & ❤ EVERYTHING! ! frommisspriss45952.jpg

i hope you enjoyed the pix…gotta get back to my parTEA preparations!  hope to see you at tea time! xoxo


5 Responses

  1. Lovely photos! I’m waiting for tomorrow…and our virtual holiday tea party. It will be fun!

  2. Such great stuff!! I can’t participate in this virtual tea party because tomorrow is Mike’s 39th birthday!! We’re planning on celebrating all day long. He even wants to go shopping – can you believe it?!

    Have SOOO much fun!

    I LOVE your altered dress form. So cute. How big is it?

  3. thanks ladies! yes, it’ll be a fun time! i will see you there liiolii!!!

    i understand tammy…the so’s birthday does take priority, lol! tell mike a happy, happy birthday!!

    & the dress form is a miniature sized one at 12 inches…i found it at the goodwill for 49 cents! it was kinda bedraggled & forlorn looking when i first got it…but it had good “bones”, lol, & i just knew i could make it into something fabulous!

    have a great time!!!

    back to party prepping!xo

  4. What a FUN party! Oooooh everything looks gorgeous and DELISH!!!! 🙂 Also, you are just too cute for words in your Santa hat. Im also amused by your hubby joining in for tea. hee! hee!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. OOOPPPPS! I just realized I posted this under the wrong post. Should have been under the tea party. Oh well! hee! hee!

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