green peace

it was a JOB putting up the decos on the tree, but it was well worth it!  slowly but surely, our house is  transforming into a holiday wonderland.  even though it is just the two us (well, if you count our kitty tribe, then 6 of us…& they have been wicked well-behaved, as always,  too!), our place, with the tree all decked out & lit up, suddenly becomes magical & sublime.  ahhh, just the ambience i was after.   & it pleases me to know that my dh appreciates all my efforts to making  our home full of comfort & joy.

for years, i have collected an array of christmas decorations, mementos, memoriblia, etc. & it gives me great pleasure to pull them all out & display them about the house.  holiday decorating, for me anyway, soothes the soul. memories of when & where i’ve acquired them come flooding back.  it is like a trip down memory lane.  oh, how delicious, lol!  yes, i know, i am a sentimental fool at heart. 

while trimming the tree occupied much of my weekend, i did, though, manage to create a little handmade giftie for mindy, my swap pal & hostess of a green holiday swap.  i try to go green as much &  whenever  as possible.  & for this particular swap, we’re to make something using things that we already have & want to repurpose.  i do that a lot in my arty-crafty projects.  i always finds ways to remix things as i am such a hoarder of stuff. 

remember these objects i found a while ago on one of my junkin’ jaunts?  frifinds25d.jpg  i got an idea to use the glass dome & one of those teeny tiny pipe cleaner trees…& came up with this

4mindy13.jpg  see, sometimes it pays to scoop up seemingly “useless” stuff, hehehe.  you just never know when they might come in handy 🙂

4mindy2.jpg i also cut out some corrugated cardboard that i just happened to have laying about, painted it with tim holtz‘s distressed acrylic paints (wow, i love the instant crackle effect!), threw some mica snowflakes and wrapped tinsel around the base et, voila a captured winter white scene…just like those uber pricey kinds you see in the fancy schmancy gift shops.  only mine was totaly handmade by moi, hehehe!  oh yeh, i even made the little house out of bits of cardboard that i saved from an old cereal box, embellished that with bits of paper, fabric, trim & lots of sparkly glitter!

the only thing that i didn’t like, but i had to use, was the industrial craft glue, E6000….that stuff really stinks & the vapors, they say on the label are harmful…i had to go outside to do the gluing… brrr!

4mindy4.jpg i also made this accompanying atc for mindy.  it’s made from my personal stash of crafty stuff.  her blog name is “under a pink sky”, so i went with a decidely pink theme 🙂


i had a swell time creating my green holiday gifties for her.  i am off to mail her goodies this am.  also, today is “baking day”…i have lots of cookie dough waiting for me!  have a wicked great week! xoxo



4 Responses

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your swap stuffies you made….I just know your partner will adore it all…I really need to stop drooling over all these goodies….I think I am ruining my keyboard…lol
    Thanks for sharing it all – all great eye candy for me!!!

  2. Hi,
    Sorry I cannot find your email address and I needed to ask you how do I put pictures up on Flickr about the Vintage stocking swap, I just received my stocking and have already blogged about it but I would like to add it to the group pictures. Thanks for hosting this swap, it was FANTASTIC!!!
    I love my stocking and goodies. 🙂 Bren

  3. I know Mindy will love her goodies. I just shipped mine off yesterday to my swap partner.

    Missing you my dear friend! Hope you are staying warm!

  4. just lovely!! glass domes are an obsession of mine!!! oh…your package came. thanks for being so prompt! many blessings to you!!

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