it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

oh happy day!  i am so excited about our VIRTUAL HOLIDAY TEA!  it’s exactly ONE week from TODAY.  WOO-HOO!  i hope you will join me & other tea-loving fans.  it’s going to be such a grand time…just like we had in our last tea here.   it was a wicked fun time…even my dh, who is such the jokester, joined in on the fun!  oooh, i can’t wait!

ourtree.jpg (our tree, on the left, that i picked out last week…poor thing, it’s been patiently waiting for me to dress it all up….soon.  very, very soon!)

 this weekend i plan on decking the halls, trimming the tree (finally, after nearly a week of being watered & naked, lol!) & getting my holiday baking on.  yes, those are my big plans for the next few days, with of course, some arty-crafty wips thrown in here & there…  it’s been snowing off & on all week & we’re not out of the woods yet.  more SNOW is on it’s way….& it’s not officially winter yet, lol.  it’s a virtual winter wonderland at my house.  come see!


i took these snaps earlier in the week…since then, the snow has kept on piling on…i think we have close to a foot of snow over here!  it’s been FRIGID…but the soft blanket of snow looks so inviting to jump in & make  a snow angel or two, just like when we were kids.  hmmm, maybe i will do that later…it’s too wicked cold right at this moment, hehehe!


the other night, the hubby was running the snowblower when he got home from work as it had been snowing (what else, right?) & he failed to mention to me that i got a package!!  omg, sometimes, the dh has a way of forgetting to tell me things.  when i went out the front door yesterday morning, there was the box…it was from my pal, alice.  just look at the all the fabulous things she sent my way!  i love everything ALICE!!  thank you again for wanting to do this swap with me!  🙂   the stocking she made me was just sweet & romantic…perfect for me!  & all these kewl crafty extras….wow!collage236a.jpg

i love the smell of  pine filling our home with their fresh & woodsy fragrance.   a very dear friend of mine, sharon, used to make me some gorgeous wreaths from pine boughs & red berries harvested from her over 100 acres of wooded land (in maine).  she would start collecting as early as october & start crafting hundreds of wreaths & boughs (BY HAND!) up until a week or two before  christmas. meandwreath2.jpg

 it is fascinating to watch her make her wonderful wreaths… she has that down to a science!  the wreath i bought last week from a local farm is a nice subsitute…but it doesn’t compare to or have  the same touch as  sharon’s.   i miss her wreaths… the ones she crafted were out of her love for the land & mother nature.  she is one of the greenest people i know.  in fact, one of the things that i miss about living in maine is that it is very GREEN conscious there.     


the other day, in between snowfalls, lol, i ventured over to one of my fav local haunts, castaways, & man, did i ever luck out!  here’s my treasures for this week’s friday’s finds>>>

collage238a.jpg the ladies (volunteer senior galz)  at the thrift shop did not like how some of the vintage ornies were priced & so they slashed prices to .25 a piece!  they thought it was “ridiculous” (one of the ladies had said) to charge $3 for one, measely ornament.  so the lady looks at me, “i’m gonna give this to you for .25 apiece.  is that alright with you?”  i’m like, hell yeah! oh, that is so nice of you!  wow, if these ornies were in an antique shop, they would be charged 3 or more bucks!  man, i lucked out bigtime!  i’m planning to crush many of these old ornies & make glitter…except for the ones you see in the center pix of the above collage…they will be hung on our tree…eventually. 🙂

i also found some retro christmasy-craft booklets (also for a a quarter each), some old birthday cake toppers (look, those cute li’l ballerinas i already have…but these are vintage! & this whole lot was a quarter as well) & an a nifty book of the history of board games…my “big ticket” item at one dollar, hahaha!

collage239a.jpg  i also have been working on some lingering  wips…here are some mixed media aceos i made….the girl with kitty is for the itty bitty book swap danielle is hosting…i had to make 26 of these….

ittybittybook.jpg  i have 10 more to finish & then off to postie land for them…

i guess i better get crack-a-lacking…there is no rest for the weary!  deck the halls, fa la la la la! 🙂

have a great weekend & stay warm & cozy! xoxo


4 Responses

  1. How cool a virtual holiday tea!
    Will be on the road most of next week, 12 time zones, 3 countries, 1 international date line and a daughter who expects me to be home with her on the beach for Christmas. Will be sure to take time out to visit the tea hosts to see what fabulous things you are all up to.

  2. WOW – You have been one busy lil bee….of course all your goodies are awesome….. 25 cents for the ornies is UNBELIEVABLE…how lucky you are.
    I just know your tree will astound me…love the wreath…big, bold and beautiful!!!!
    Have fun creating and baking this weekend!!

  3. You’ve been SO busy!! 🙂 All your photos are so pretty!!

    I will email you about this as well, but wow – crushing the old ball ornaments is a great idea for glitter!! I have a bunch of them that I used to collect that are going unused in my basement. Would you be interested in having them? I don’t decorate for the holidays much anymore (too many rambunctious cats) and I’ve been wanting to do something with some of my collected stuff! I would sure pack them up for you if you’re interested! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed the stocking Mary Ann!! Loved all your photos of everything!!! We are getting our tree tomorrow…I’m super excited and can’t wait till a “bright” day (here in Rochester these are rare!), so that I can take beautiful pics of all the things you sent me! I’v been showing everyone who comes over! They are soooooooooo jealous!

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