while the weather outside was frightful…

i stayed in the entire weekend getting some work done, crafty & otherwise!   the dh was out of town visiting his dad, so i think i kept busy to keep my mind off being alone.  well, i had the cats to keep me company…& those little turds (& i say that in the most loving way) wanted to frolic in the snowstorm. omg, lol…  oh yes,  i also watched a ton of  those xmas movies on the lifetime channel to keep me company too…good thing the hubby wasn’t here because i think he would have commited hari- kari if he were, lol!

so in a way, it was a good weekend to be sans the dh.  not only was i able to work in my studio undisturbed & watch those chick flix on lifetime  all day long, but i also got to play MY music…80s, jazz, pop & christmas.  i had forgotten that i had an old madonna cd (like a virgin) that i found at goodwill & wow, that was a definite blast from the past!  if hubby were here, he would seriously commit hari-kari…no doubt, lol!  it is a bit frightening that i can still remember the lyrics of madonna’s early stuff….funny what the ol’ grey matter chooses to retain, ya know?

i have a bunch of pix to share, but at the moment, i am LAZY & TIRED…uploading pix is my least favorite thing to do on this blog of mine (& on my etsy shop….which i have been meaning to add some new merch, just too lazy, not in the mood and/or forgetful)…not to worry, i promise to share a bit later.  it’ll probably take me a good hour or two to upload all these pix that i want to share…i just don’t have the energy or patience right now.

some things that i have been meaning to “unload” here…

like this that the lovely ellie bestowed on me the other day>>>

friendlybloggeraward.jpg  i just couldn’t figure out who to pass the torch on…mainly because there are so many that would definitely fit the criteria of 1) being friendly (of course) and 2) creative.   just look at my blogroll at the bottom of my blog…ALL of them are worthy of this award. i really want to name all my blog sistas & pals…but i’m supposed to  pick only ONE (waaah!)…so  after days of fretting deciding, i finally came up with a NAME.  it was tough (for me anyway) but the person i would like to pass this on is BEN, or rather the creator of BEN. 

 i discovered this blog a few months back & found it to be not only fresh, friendly & creative, but also tremendously  hilarious!  if you need a good pick me up, just head over to BEN’s blog…it never fails to elicit a hearty chuckle or two.  the creator of this amusing blog writes in such a way that leaves you coming to care for the main character, BEN & wanting to read more!  many of these bloggy awards tend to be awarded to creative women bloggers & i wanted to recognize someone “outside the box” if you will.  & ben’s blog definitely is just that.   so BEN, i pass the torch on to you.   congrats & enjoy!  🙂

*   *   *

a few days ago, i was tagged by my pal/blog sis, melanie about sharing my creative dreams.  i wanted to respond when she first tagged me, but my thoughts on this topic were, in a word, scattered. plus, i was likely otherwise engaged with a hundred & one distractions.   i wanted to give it some thought & then respond (also, another good thing the dh wasn’t around to distract me because this weekend i could really concentrate on me & my agenda, you know).

well, first i want to say that I AM living part of my creative dreams through this very blog of mine ever since i started blogging nearly 2 yrs ago, i have been on an incredible  creative roll & journey.  i’ve always been arty-crafty for much of my life, but entering the creative blogging world has EXPANDED my life exponentially. 

 if i hadn’t been blogging, i wouldn’t have created the countless artwork i have been sharing on my blog over the last 2 years.  ever since i entered the blogosphere, i have participated in a number of weekly art challenge memes (like wednesday stamper, inspire me thursday, studio friday, artwords, to name a few), particpated (& hosted) in God- only- knows, countless  SWAPS, attended a plethora of craft fairs (like renegade & the glitter workshop craftacular), discovered the world of INDIE crafters, meet & (continually) be immensely inspired by  a wicked TON  of amazingly talented & creative folks (just look at my LENGTHY blogroll at the bottom of  my blog!), have the courage to open my etsy shop,  dream up my monthly freebie giveaway that i call, wysiwyg wednesday,  or have the gumption to start these online groups:  friday’s finds the vintage tea room, &  handmade monday.   

so you see, creative blogging has had & continues to have a considerable impact on my life.  it has enriched my life beyond words or anything i could have imagined.  & it has helped me grow & become the artist that i am today.  i owe alot to the whole blogging experience.  i really, truly do.  & meeting & befriending so many like-minded arty-crafty souls, well,  has been HUGE!

the nice thing about dreams, creative or otherwise, is that  they are boundless, aren’t they?  other creative dreams that i secretly (& perhaps not so secretly)  harbor are…

***trying my hand at metalsmithing.   i have this long-time fascination with IRON and FIRE.  i don’t know why as no one i know works in a steel mill.  i remember in high school, i  visited a steel factory & was impressed with all that went on with the making of mass-produced steel.  i hadn’t a clue how metal was made & there, before my very eyes, i saw steel being made from raw minerals from the earth & fire.  i remember the intensity of the HEAT, even though i was behind glass (heat-resistant) walls.  i guess, ever since then i have had this fascination.  i love old rusty iron things…from an old gate to old skeleton keys.  the rustier, the better is what i say! 

also, growing up in chi-town, i loved seeing all those wonderful public metal sculptures by such masters as picasso & calder.  to actually see, walk around & TOUCH these mammoth sculptures IRL was a big thrill to me.  makes me want to try my hand at wielding a blowtorch & begin fusing pieces of scrap metal, hahaha.  yeh, that is a dream of mine…to someday create with metal & fire.  the local community college offers a metal shop class each semester.  maybe,  just maybe, i will work enough courage to take the plunge.

***another creative dream i have is if i ever were to come into money, i would love to start a non-for-profit  arts center for children in the community. wouldn’t that  be fantastic?!  to have a central place where children of all ages can be regularly exposed to the arts (here i mean, art, craft,  music, theatre & dance)….we need more artistic & creative types in this world & children are the FUTURE.  i advocate this notion more than you’ll ever  know! 

***also big on my creative dreams’ wishlist is having ample studio space with loads of natural lighting, storage (built by my carpenter extraordinare dh) & work surfaces.  in my dream, i envision a small cottage ( built by my dh of course) in my well-tended garden, that is slightly messy (because i want it to have the “lived-in” look), but yet organized & filled with my artwork, photos & sentimental memorbilia as well as those given to me by my many creative friends, antique & vintage  furnishings with their  beautiful patina & time-worn details, all my many collections of “beautiful  stuff” (my inspirational muses)  & oh yes, lots of fresh flowers….ahhhh, i am basking in the mere thought of this beautiful vision! 

***& lastly, i want to keep CREATING till i can no longer.  & yes, to keep following my bliss.

who to tag for this meme?  why, YOU of course! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. First of all, I really appreciate the wonderful honor of your award for my blog! Wow. I’m speechless. So many people to thank……(my first grade teacher, my psycho-therapist, Mother Teresa, my butcher) Seriously, I really appreciate the honor and I’m so glad you find a wee bit of amusement from my blog!

    Secondly, I am very jealous over your having snow while watching Christmas movies. No snow in So Cal. 😦

  2. Thank you for sharing your dreams. i would love you to have your dream home. keep that vision!!!
    and I so agree with you~my blog is part of my creative dream!

    You made such an impact on my children. especially Maggie. ~
    Maggie and I were at the grocery store and over the loud speaker someone said
    “Mary Ann come to the front.”
    and Maggie’s eyes lit up and she said “Mama Mary Ann is here!”
    and I said sadly “No, not our Mary Ann.” 😦
    Then she asked if we could go to your house someday and sleep over.
    I said maybe someday!

    We miss you!!!

  3. I checked out Ben’s blog and what an excellent choice you made….I worry about his guest destroying Ben’s life but his humor and polymer clay art are amazing!!!
    So glad you had a great weekend to do for you!!! A great way to get rejuvenated!
    Your creative dreams are wonderful….thanks for sharing them…
    Hope you have a super week!!!

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