day 30 AEM (last day)

when i woke up this morning, i had a couple of crafty ideas & at 5:30 this morning, i went at it, hehehe.  i became a last minute partner for this canadian gal  in our current swap in the vintage tea room (which btw, in 2 weeks ***DECEMBER 15***we will be having our fabulous virtual holiday tea!!!  hope you can join us!)…& i thought of what to make this gal & dreamt the idea of making her some fabric postcards (which are quite popular these days).  she likes pink & i just happened to have some  fabric in that color  scheme. 🙂

i made 3 postcards this am (my last effort for AEM, boo* hiss* sniff* sniff).  i was so engrossed in my work that i lost track of time.  i was nearly late for class….but luckily my yoga instructor forgot her key to the building & had to wait for another person to come along & open the door for us.  anyhoo, here are the posties that made me (almost) late for yoga class:

i hope that my swap buddy will like these.  i plan to also add some sweet treats  for her to complete the package. 


there’s a WINTER storm watch tonight & my dh has to drive in to chi-town  to see his elderly dad.  if i didn’t have too many things (like crafty wips & baking, to name a few) to do, i would have gone with him…  but i have a bunch of stuff i need to get done.  & if we are going to get a half of foot of snow like they are predicting we will, i’d much rather be in the comfort of my own home, than driving in nasty white-out conditions,  you know?  i told the hubby to stay put at his dad’s until the storm blows over.  he’s like,  okay, see ya on sunday

uh, the things we do for family, huh?!  welp, i just wanted to post this for AEM, which ends today.  i will miss participating…but not to worry, i will always be creating something…

speaking of which, my dear pal melanie tagged me for CREATIVE DREAMS meme….i want to respond…but i want to gather my thoughts.  PLUS, i just realized that since we will be potentially snow-bound tomorrow, i’d better make a quick trip to the grocery store because i know that when it is blizzard out, i don’t dare go out!

& i just realize, i’ve been procrastinating with whom to bestow the friendlybloggeraward.jpg…this is a DILEMMA for me, lol!   i cannot make up my mind on this!!!  i want to give it to ALL  MY PALS, lol!   waaah!!!  any suggestions??!

welp, i better git to the grocery store before everything gets cleaned out, hahaha!

in the meantime, have a safe, warm & snowy weekend! xoxo


2 Responses

  1. WOW- – I remember days of being snowbound when I lived in Buffalo New York….back then I Loved it because I was young and in college…did not have a care in the world – so snow bound was party time….lol
    I hope you were able to get to the store and buy goodies to hold you down….
    I absolutely love the postcards you made…so very pretty!!
    Enjoy your creative weekend!!!

  2. thank you so much for participating in aedm this year! it was so great having you along for the journey! i’m so impressed that you were able to get up so early and start creating! (that may be because i’m a bit of night owl. lol) happy holidays! xox

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