woopsie & wowza!

when i left for school this morning, i totally forgot about WYSIWYG WEDNESDAY!  my freebie giveaway that i have been trying to do on the last wednesdays of each month.   oh so my bad.   sorry, sorry, sorry…better late than never, eh?  if you are interested in the following freebies, just leave me a comment saying so.  i will take names until the end of tomorrow 11/29, say midnite cst…

first set of items up for grabs are these scrap mags…just in time for winter fun!


second set of items up fro grabs…paper crafty mags for all you folks with a paper fetish, hehehe…


& last but not least, the third set of times are 3 mini-books just waiting to be altered with your special touch & i threw in this quote book with unused cd just for kicks. 🙂 

ww28c.jpg  so let me know what you fancy & you have till the end of tomorrow.  i will announce the lucky recipients  on friday, okey dokey?

oh, it’s a project runway night, but i wanted to mentioned this other order of “business”…

gingerbreadhse.jpg  but before i do, i wanted to make sure i threw in this snap of this most coveted thing at one of my schools.  i guess before winter break, this yummy gingerbreadhouse will be raffled off to some very lucky ducky, hehehe…not a kid (or grown-up) walks by this & doesn’t stop & drool for a moment.  i wonder who made this?  it looks too good to eat 🙂

okay, back to biz…when i got home from school, i found a box waiting by the fron door.  it was yet another box of swap love. yipee!  this time it was from my partner, dorreen (aka doe), in the deck the halls ornament swap.   can i say, WOWZA?! 

dths10.jpg  it’s just all so craftilicious!  doe spoilt me with all these extras…& i haven’t even gotten to the main gifties!

dths7.jpgdths8.jpgdths5.jpgdths21.jpg  everything was so prettily wrapped.

dths9.jpg  & what a sweet holiday card…too cute for words.  doe wrote me a lovely note. 

dths1.jpg  & wowza, my darlin’ ornie…how did she know that i heart snowmen?  & this domed lovely is wicked cute!  but wait!  there’s more!!!  lookie what doe created with fabrics i admired in her flickr pix (she is an amazing quilter!!! check out her pix on flickr)

dths4.jpg  OMG, i am speechless!  DOE you ROCK!!!  thank you, thank you, thank you!  i am over the moon delighted with everything you so generously sent my way!  🙂

dths3.jpg  (what she stitched on the inside of each adorable li’l stocking). 

my wednesday, filled with woopsies & wowzas…

but ya know what?  i wouldn’t have it any other way! 

see ya next time…xoxo


9 Responses

  1. Hello Mar 🙂 I know I’m a cheeky monkey, but can I please put my name in the hat for those gorgeous books?! The third set, with the wonderful Quote reference book in it! I can’t resist! 😉 Thank you!

    My word, you got the swap partner to rival yourself, Mar! What a wonderful christmas assortment you got there! No more than you deserve, sweetheart. I hope you win that gingerbread house – how fantastic is that?!

    Hoping and wishing that you continue to have a fun-filled week, my Karma Queen 🙂

    Much Love & Big Hugs, Suze xXx

  2. Wow!! What an amazing swap package! I haven’t done any swaps for a bit now, and I find I’m missing it seeing all your goodies!

    I’d be up for the mini book wysiwyg prize if no one else is in… IF someone else wants it though – I have won from you before and I want to share the love!!

    My friend Andrea gave me a subscription to the Paper magazine for Christmas last year – it’s been a fun one to have!! 🙂

  3. Wow, that was such a great swap you received!!

    Oh… and since I’m here let me just thanks you for that marvellous little thank you note you sent me for the ar-TEA Swap, I got it yesterday and I loved it!! 🙂

    Well… I just can’t resist your WYSIWYG things!! You just spoil us all!! I’d love to be in the run either for the 2nd and the 3rd item!! I just adore that 3rd item you have but that 2nd one is also very cool since I adore being crafty with paper and paper-related things!!

    Thank you for being such a Karma sender to us all!!

  4. Okay – again I am sitting drooling over all the GREAT stuffies you have received…OMG….absolutely awesome!!!!I know you must be in heaven just going through it all.
    Thanks for sharing pics of it all – I will just sit and drool some more!!!!
    I just love your give aways….I love them all expecially the last one with the quote book and things to alter…but it is all wonderful!!! Count me in….
    Thanks for sharing your treasures!!!

  5. Wow what great goodies from your swap partner!
    Love the snowman globe…its way too cute!

    I would love to be entered in your give away!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Hugz, Dolly

  6. Only just discovered your Blog and – WOW – I’m amazed … you’re really doing such beautiful work – all your Christmas-Goodies put me right away into the perfect Christmas-Mood 🙂 So – thanks 🙂 And – since I just happen to pop by right in time for this – I wouldn’t mind if you’d put my name into that hat as well – I’d really LOVE to have those cute Albums under my Christmas-Tree 🙂 Love – Andrea

  7. I’m so glad you like the goodies I sent you. I’ll be posting the package you sent me pretty soon. Thanks again!

  8. That silly lil Doe is something else isn’t she? She does the cutest things i swear. I’m happy to call her my good friend!!!!! She’s the best!!!

  9. WOW WOw !
    i love all your swap goodies! That snow globe is just adorable!

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