well coated

i was at my local target not too long ago & i spotted this cool coat.  i fancied trying it on.  it’s the last week for what you wear over at spc…so what the heck, ya know? spc27a.jpg i have perfectly nice coats to wear during the cold weather months…but this particular style of coat just spoke to me… spc27b.jpg  look  how happy i look in this fab “skirt” coat…it is a dark brown velvety number & the price was under $50…cheap for a winter coat in my way of thinking.   plus, not only is it ultra comfortable (& i am so about that!)…it looks good on me & covers my ‘hiney, hehehe….the winters in cheeseland can be wicked brutal…. spc27c.jpg i am hardly a fashionista, but i do like to wear what i think looks nice on me, in style or not. & i can see that i can wear this coat dressed up or dressed down…spc27d.jpg  for me, i look for comfort first, looks, versatility & then price.  if an article of clothing or in this case, outerwear, meets all 4 criteria, then it’s coming home with me 🙂

 i’m all for buying what you like. aren’t you?


10 Responses

  1. You are adorable! I LOVE that coat on you!

  2. I really like that style, it’s classic. Great choice!

  3. so cute!

  4. gorgeous coat. i hope you brought it home!

  5. yeah! its great when you find clothes that are just you 🙂

  6. the coat is perfect on you….love the look….that would be the type of coat I could go for….no tightness around the belly for me…lol
    Looks comfy yet elegant!

  7. I’m just envious!! I’m looking for a coat for so long and I can’t find the one I want… I found a gorgeous one but then I tried it on and it couldn’t fit me (and there was no larger number…) and that one is so lovely!! I definitely want it!!!

    Looks adorable on you!! It was a heck of a good buy!! 😉

  8. I went blogging to get a bit of inspiration before I tackle bringing the boxes of Chrhistmas decorations from the basement. It seems that everyone I know is either swapping, complimenting or mentioning the amazing Mary Ann!! You inspire everyone, and now today you have inspired me. Have a lovely day. Blessings, Karen

  9. All that and you didn’t even MENTION
    your cute pink pants!


  10. Excellent find! It’s perfect for you!

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