full of surprises

i have just finished wrapping my li’l gifites to another swap pal, fanny (aka fairbanksfancygoods on flickr).  these are for “crafty goodness 12 days of christmas swap (also on flickr, hosted by andria aka pretty girl collage).  i didn’t want to take pix of the gifties unwrapped because it’s supposed to be a surprise!  i hope that fanny will be delighted.  it was really fun putting this together for her.  i plan to ship these out today, after my yoga class. 12daysxmas.jpg each prezzie has a tag numbered from 1-12.  my swap pal is supposed to open each one in order.  this builds up some suspense & anticipation.  i hope i don’t let her down…her wish list on flickr was very helpful. 

aem27a.jpg  since i seem to be on a sewing kick, i was at it again, hehehe…& came up with this holiday atc (my effort for AEM day 27).  i enclosed it in one of the wrapped gifties…but i am not telling which one!  it’s for me to know & fanny to find out, lol!

while i was wrapping all these surprises for fanny, dear blog pal, ellie, surprised me with thisfriendlybloggeraward.jpg wow!  i am honored & so tickled that dear ellie would pass this torch on to li’l ol’ me…

now the tough part…figuring out who to pass this?  there are so many who should get this award….i can’t seem to narrow it down to just one.  can’t it be for more???  this is HARD!

i’m gonna have to think about this one.  i can’t make up my mind.  maybe later i will know who to pass it on…hmmm, till later.  happy tuesday…may your day be full of pleasant surprises! xoxo


6 Responses

  1. its Pauline..just thinking of you..sorry I have been out of touch, I check in on your blog a lot, I love your jacket, I saw it and wanted it! but it is too petite for me….I think it is from our new Go Designer….you look so cute…I will be in touch soon….beautiful work you have been doing, as usual….I love your style..both clothing and goodies….

  2. i’m doing the flickr swap as well! I need to hurry and finish!

  3. WOW….again beautiful stuffies going on at your blog…TONS of eye candy and drooling –lol
    I am so thrilled you like the surprise..I meant every word I said….
    Thanks for sharing all your goodies!!!
    p.s. I have uploaded the dahlia flower to handmade monday…Thanks for suggesting it…made me feel good!

  4. HELLOOOOOO theah Maryann! I’m just trying to do my usual catc-up with all of my bloggy friends! It’s been much too long since I’ve been visiting!

    I can’t believe all of the fabilous swapping-goodness that you’re involved in! How do you find time to do it all??? I can barely get to work on time these days!!

    ps…love the new coat!


  5. I tagged you today to write about your creative dreams (if you want)

  6. so wonderful you will be squeezing in my swap. my you are a busy lady! so many beautiful things to look at over here – thanks for the all the fun 🙂

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