just like christmas

hope you had a nice thanksgiving…it was great having my mom around here.  we had a delectable dinner at a local restaurant & it was really nice not to have to slave away in the kitchen for days  or have to clean up! mamandme.jpg

since i have been constantly creating things & trying to whittle down my swap wips  lately, all of that has been catching up with me i’m afraid, making me  lack the energy to blog.  & also these past few days,  i have been visiting with my mom, even took her home to chicago as my dad had to leave right after thanksgiving dinner for work.  mom didn’t want to leave yet because she wanted to go shopping.  the unexpected detour to chicago & back pretty much wiped me out as well as nixed my plans to start my holiday baking.  yet, what a nice surprise to come home finding swap packages waiting for me!   it was just like christmas, hehehe…

i have loads of pix to share & acknowledgements to make…so sit back, relax & enjoy the ride! 

these are some lovely ornaments, all handmade by karen (aka blue muf on flickr)…she sent these to me as a “thank you” for hosting the stocking swap.from-blue-muf1.jpg

this sweet ornament came from the darlin’ little box (shown above)…it is an an “angel feather” ornament  & she even enclosed a little scroll that explained the signifcance.  THANK YOU KAREN, you are a sweetheart to send me all this!  i will definitely hang these pretties when the tree is up!from-blue-muf2.jpg 

next, i received a sweet package from my tea pairings’ partner, sheila (aka just meskj on flickr). she kindly sent me all these goodies…& mmmm, i heart ghiradelli chocs & the tea she sent me!  yummers!fromsheilaa.jpg& sheila made these wonderful tea-themed atcs…i love them. 🙂  THANK YOU for everything SHEILA!


then i got another package, this time wrapped in this cute snowman wrapping paper from another swap pal, sarah. she was my partner for the holiday garland swap.   OMG, she spoilt me for sure!fromsarah1.jpg  isn’t this angel fairy wicked cute?  the spice jar, sarah tells me, is a vintage one that belonged to her grandmother.  & she parted it to me…wow…

fromsarah2.jpg  look at all this loot (see i told ya, it’s just like christmas!)…wowiweee!  as my mom would say, lol!fromsarah3.jpg  & here is the FAB banner/garland (still can’t keep those terms straight, hahaha) that she created for me.  she told me that she was afraid i wouldn’t like this.  what, is she kidding?  i LOVE it!  THANK YOU SARAH…i heart it all!fromsarah4.jpg (just a close up of one of the collages…darlin’ isn’t it?!).

the next package i received from one of my stocking partners, petah.  i was a bit worried about my swap parcel getting lost in transit until i got this amazing package from her…i was so relieved & glad that she did indeed receive my package & that she was delighted with everything i sent.  WHEW! ya know? vcss25a.jpg what a sweet stocking she created!  (& petah, if you happen to read this, pls. disregard my last email about letting me know that you received my package)…it is so delicate.

vcss25b.jpg & whoa, look at all the goodies she sent along with the beautifully made stocking!  i am overwhelmed!  THANK YOU for everything PETAH!!  i appreciate the lovely note you wrote me. fromjb.jpg  i received this package of goodies from judy b (aka imonbr8k on flickr)…she was my partner in the sweetpea swap.  she knows that i like to crochet & so she sent me these skeins of yarn in colors i like.    THANK YOU JUDY!

i manage to make this “surrogate” stocking for a gal in the stocking swap…”a just in case” package, if you will… (also my contribution to AEM)aem25a.jpg  i had some input from my mom, who told me to use the fabrics as you see above…& i am glad i listened to her because it did turn out lovely.  the silver deer print is actually a sheer piece of fabric which i used a baby blue lining (mom’s idea)…this gal likes blue & silver…so i hope that i delivered…i rather liked how it turned out.  i used a martha stewart stocking pattern to fashion this.aem25c.jpg i also created this aceo from the fabric & trim scraps. (another AEM effort).

because of some unexpected detours  in my weekend plans, i couldn’t post my treasures for this past week’s friday’s finds.  but i will happily share them now.  i also discovered this fantastic li’l shop earlier in the week & found some lovely things there as well.  come see…

frifinds25a.jpg  i found these delightful vintage ornaments at that antique mall that i mentioned previously (when the dh & i went to our fav indian restaurant last weekend)…they were so reasonably priced & i just love the patina & of course, anything turquoise or pink tends to catch my eye 🙂

frifinds25b.jpg  aren’t these vintage pipe cleaner doll heads just too cute to pass up? & the pink silk ribbon, absolutely delicious!  thinking of ways to make these into delightful li’l ornaments…

frifinds25c.jpg  i just love the color scheme here….so festive & cheerful, don’t you think?


frifinds25h.jpg a few weeks ago, i went to this vintage paper show in my town.  i met these gals who run an antique shop just over the border.  well, one day, i fancied going there to check things out.  & i am so glad that i did because it was sheer delight stepping into the shop…my newest BFF, lol!

frifinds25i.jpg  the owner, chris, had just finished decorating the shop with her daughter & wow, they did a fantastic job making every nook & cranny gleaming with christmas sparkle.  oooh, i was entralled.  i told chris, who had been collecting for over 30 yeras, that her shop was pure “EYE CANDY”…that tickled her so.  i think i spent a good couple of hours perusing every room in her shop (an old house turned antique shop).   even the bathroom was decked out with all sorts of vintage christmas decor…amazing, the amount of detail put into her place…which is just run by chris & her daughter kelly. 

frifinds25e.jpg i found these vintage goodies!  the silk thread spools are just divine…

frifinds25f.jpg  chris told me that she’d give this  box of fibres for $6.50…i was amazed…so cheap!  wthout much arm-twisting, i took it, lol!

frifinds25g.jpg  it’s a pretty deep box (& turquoise too, how fun!) & lookie at all the vintage threads & such….OMG.  in today’s prices, this whole lot would be well over $6.50!frifinds25k.jpg when i was in chris’ shop, i just fell in love with this back room…so lovely in every detail.frifinds25j.jpg i am coveting this painted cast iron lamp…the lampshade just tickles my fancy.

i will definitely be back, i told chris & kelly when i finally tore myself away from their shop.  hmmm, maybe afterschool this coming week?  it’s not far from the middle school…


the dh is summoning me for dinner…just in time really…because it’s getting tiring uploading all these pix!  hope you enjoyed the show ‘n’ tell…until next time,

have a great week! xoxo


7 Responses

  1. You and Your mama~So Cute!!!

    You really are the Swappin Goddess!!!
    You deserve all those treasures!!!

    I have to get a head start on my baking this year too. So many holidayish stuff I want to do. I am starting tomorrow!!!
    Take care sweetie.
    Glad you have a good thanksgiving even if you had the unexpected driving (I know your mom appreciated it!)


  2. So many gorgeous things! The postie must hate carrying all the fun looking parcels to your place all the time!

    I LOVE all the stockings – they are gorgeous – especially all the lovely embellishments. The tea stuff (and chocolates) looks delicious) and the 2 heart pillows! I SOOO would love those on my bed (don’t know if the hubby would approve though)

  3. You and your Mom are absolutely adorable in that picture….what a picture of love!!!
    I have been seriously drooling over all the goodies you received and the ones you have found/come across…OMG you are the goodie and swap QUEEN…
    Thanks so much for sharing it all….

  4. aw im sooo glad you loved it all! i was so nervous bc your so wicked( love your word haha) in crafting! i am glad you had a awesome time with your mom my mom was down this thanksgiving too!! your soo lucky you have snow! send some down to texas! haha you were showered in gifts! i bet your house is decked out with lovelys! have a wonderful day hun! toodles

  5. Hi sweetie!!! Looks like you’ve been making and receiving some AMAZING goodies. How wonderful it was to come to your blog and see so much inspiration. I love it all!!! GORGEOUS.
    Hope you’re doing well. Miss you!!

  6. MARY ANN – please go to this link at my blog….there is a surprise there waiting for you – the only rule is you pass it on to one blog that you find friendly and creative~~~~I hope you like the surprise:


  7. Yes Christmas comming with your nice idea.R

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