breaking tradition

for the first time ever, we will be going out for thanksgiving.

for years, we have spent the holiday, if not with just the 2 of us, then with our extended families.  & i have either singlehandedly or helped prepare  an insane feast for 2 or for 20.   but not this year.   i have decided that i am not going to stress out & slave away getting the traditional thanksgiving dinner together.  since the dh & i have decided to stay put & not travel to either side of our families, it seems kinda crazy to cook a whole turkey with all the trimmings for just the 2 of us.  well, actually, my parents are in town… i told mom that for once, can we have someone else do the cooking?  mom, NO COOKING, lol! …to my pleasant surprise, she agreed!  yay, i’m so glad she is on board with this.

last saturday, i was at the local grocery store & it was  nuts seeing all these people filling up their carts with all sorts of fixings for thanksgiving.  i thought, yeh, that could very well been me….but not this year!    i even overheard someone lamenting on her cell phone that the store was out of fresh cranberries & how she needed 3 bags of the stuff.  seriously, is it that big of a crisis to cry about it on your cell?  i love cranberries as the next person, but i don’t think i would get so upset with not having them.  in my family, we had so much food on the table that no one would have missed cranberries if they were MIA, ya’ know. 

it’s disturbing that for some, this holiday has been reduced to a virtual  GORGE FEST.  even the students i work with tell me they plan to “pig out” on turkey day.  when asked what they are thankful for,  frequent responses i got were: “for turkey”, “for  (name brand) toys”,  “for no school”…i had to actually prompt them to include “family” & other important people in their lives.  yes, sad but true. 

i was just talking to my sis looney & we both felt that thanksgiving (& for that matter, the holidays) is all about being thankful for all our blessings & spending quality time with our loved ones.   she, her dh & kids will have a quiet thanksgiving at home.  she, too, does not want to do the whole insane, thanksgiving blow-out that we have been known to do in years passed.  less is more.  simplicity is king.   stress levels are minimized.  my sister wants to pass on the true menaing of the holiday to her kids.  & i applaud her for that.  i am so on board with that. 

sometimes it is not necessarily a bad thing to break tradition.    


(gobble, my piece for AEM

in the spirit of thanksgiving, i crafted this little what-not out of a discarded ribbon spool, cut-up crepe streamers, some paint, glitter & a vintage turkey image.   oh yes, i stamped & glittered the word, “gobble“.   i had just watch some bits of the martha stewart show & she did a segment on this turkey ranch.  i had no idea  there was such a place & that there were so many different types of turkey.  actually, i never gave it much thought until i saw that on her show.  & there sure was a whole lotta gobbling going on at that ranch.  i also learned that martha stewart’s mother, “big martha” had very recently passed away at 93 (just like my own grandmother had a year prior).  she held up remarkably well during her show.  she had been very close to her mother.  & from the video tribute they showed, big martha seemed to be a very nice lady.  my deepest condolences…i can relate with losing a family member so close to the holidays.

even more reason why we all need to count our blessings & show our gratitude to/for  one another. 

to breaking tradition… may we know the true meaning of thanksgiving.


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    Have a Beautiful and Blessed Thanksgiving!!!

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