what’s up doc?

my mom always wanted one or more of us kids to follow in her medical footsteps.  she is a semi-retired nurse.  i say “semi-retired” because even though we threw her a huge retirement bash (after 40 yrs in nursing)a few years ago, she is still working as a per diem rn.  she says she can’t stop being a nurse.  i don’t quite understand this, but bully for her!   one of my sisters tried to get into nursing,  but after a few months of intense study, she found nursing just wasn’t her cup of tea.  can’t say i blame her because i feel the same way.

  once upon a time, i did have delusions  notions about being a “doctor”…but not in the sense of a physician…more along the lines of professorship.  i actually did enroll in a 5-yr doctoral program back in the day.  but the particular field got to be  too ivory-tower-ish for my liking.   in retrospect, i  think i was more enamored with the idea of  being known as “dr. mary ann” by the time i was 25 than dedicating  a  lifetime of academia & research.   i was young & naive then, but at least, at 22,  i took   away  a masters’ degree as consolation.

still, mom wanted at the very least to see one of her 5 kids pursue something in the medical field.  when i got out of that doctoral program, i worked in the “real world” for a while.  it was a definite change of scenery.  it was great that i didn’t have to study for exams or write reports when i worked for this airline company.  i got to travel to my hearts content & go out without guilt that it was a “school night”…but after awhile, i yearned for something more with my life.  my airline job  really wasn’t intellectually stimulating.  booking flights over the telephone was not brain surgery.   sure, i met some wonderful coworkers & traveled to interesting places…but you didn’t need to have  advanced degrees like i had to do the work.  even the job recruiter told me that i was “overqualified” when i first interviewed for the position.  but she got me the job anyway.  i took it because i needed a break from school  & the fact that i lacked (non-academic) work experience.

funny how the grass is always greener on the other side…  when i was in grad school, i was always  surrounded by highly intellectual & educated folks.  at the time, i used to get tired of talking shop all the time with the academia folks…but then  in my “real world” job,  i actually missed being in the academic setting.  weird, right?  especially since i was only 24.  most folks that age want to be as DONE with school as quickly as possible.  oh but not me, i actually started researching schools.  long story short, i got interested in speech therapy.  soon i found myself applying to grad school (again) & discovering that i was fascinated with the medical aspects of the field.  boy, wasn’t my mom happy to hear this!  when i got through my training, my very first job  was in a big, innercity hospital in upstate new york.  man, i was excited. i saw & worked with a wide variety of cases…many of which were classic textbook cases.  it was an incredibly challenging time, but i got through it & learned so much.  i  felt i could deal with whatever got thrown my way.  my mom even came out to visit me for a week & she, i could tell, felt validated…finally, one of her offsprings followed into her medical footsteps.       

spc20a.jpg for much of my career, i’ve worked in the medical setting, until the past couple of years, where i have gone into private practice.  but when i worked in a hospital, i  have always had to wear a lab coat.  even back in my grad school days.  that was the universal garb for a hospital-based “speechie”.  in my last hospital job, not only did i wear a lab coat, but i could also wear SCRUBS!  do you know how incredibly comfortable they are to work in???  seriously, it’s like wearing ‘jammies to work, lol….  spc20c.jpg  i really miss wearing my scrubs now that i am working in the schools.  i much rather don my scrubs than my street clothes when i’m working with the rugrats students.  i tell ya, it’s all about COMFORT for me, ha!  i have actually gotten away with wearing my scrub bottoms & a regular tee to school…& noone was the wiser…

spc20b.jpg when i worked in the hospital,  sometimes (when i am in my full medical get-up)  i’ve had patients call me “doctor”, even though i tell them i’m not.  it’s the LAB coat…gets ’em every time, lol.  sometimes, too, when i work late & there is a change in nursing staff from day shift to night shift, i get mistaken for a resident.  too funny, really.  that used to give me a chuckle.  if only mom were there to hear them call me “doctor”.  she would giggle too.

just for you mom, a snap of me in my scrubs & wielding my ol’ stethoscope!  hope that makes you lol!  🙂spc20d.jpgxoxo your firstborn


4 Responses

  1. Now those scrubs really do look so very comfy – I just know your mom is so proud of you…I would definitely frame that last picture…and give it to her as a gift…just for the sentiment!

  2. I love the last photo best!

  3. I like the last photo too and I bet she is proud!

    I wish I had a cool white lab coat; I’d wear it to the grocery store and answer everyone in a very serious “telling you your fate” doctor voice. It would be fun. 🙂

  4. Scrubs have always looked so comfy, but I’ve never worn them for a job. I did work in a vet hospital, but not doing medical stuff!

    I like the last photo of you with the stethoscope!

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