creative everyday

even though i may not always post every day for AEM, i do try to be creative everyday.  sometimes, i’ll be working on a wip & am not ready to share.  sometimes i am done with a creative project, but i may get distracted by other things (like my dh, lol, or household chores, etc) that i forget to post for that day OR (this is more likely) i just am plain exhausted to fuss with blogging  about it.

yesterday, i visited one of my dear blog sistas…jude.  she is one of my first bloggy pals whom i befriended when i  started blogging nearly 2 yrs ago.   she is an AMAZING textile artist & painter…i had been thinking about her lately & missed her so.  it was wonderful to see her fabulous works & to catch up on her blog.  i read that she celebrated her birthday recently….& i missed it (again!)!….no wonder she had been in my thoughts lately…  & i hate to miss someone’s birthday, especially folks i consider friends. 

so i took one of the fabric aceos that i made the other day, went into photoshop & came up with this little wall hanging for her.  i plan to mail it out today (& add a few other small gifties)…    4jude.jpg


i know that jude loves birds, roses & sewing…i hope that she will like this.  she lives in the uk, so i wanted to keep my prezzy on the lighter  side, ya know.  i have been mailing so many things overseas these days (& still will too) that i need to be more mindful of shipping costs.   it all adds up…


the dh wanted to take  me out to lunch yesterday & i said, ‘can we go after i finish gluing this box i’m working on?…otherwise i’ll be a sticky mess, lol!”   he took me to our fav indian restuarant in mad city.  they have this wonderful mango ice cream …just to die for!  we love the delicious food there.  & also, it doesn’t hurt that one of my fav antique malls is right next door, lol!  guess where we went after lunch?  yep, the antique mall, hehehe.  vintage christmas decos were everywhere…it was fun poking around & admiring the various styles of santas, snowmen, reindeer, angels,  trees & ornaments.  i found some wicked cute ornies & other decos c. 1950s, but i am going to save my pix of these for friday’s finds, later this week.  but i will share this cute li’l pink tree (& michel, if you are reading this, it said the dreaded, “NFS”, lol)oam.jpg


aem18c.jpg when we got home from our outing, i got into the christmas mode again & came up with these, which i’ll likely put in my shop.


i guess, i will start dragging out the christmas decos….because, soon it will be all about christmas. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. love that gorgeous holly teacup with the ballerina! it’s so darn cute!

  2. Ah, the dreaded NFS!! I’m glad I don’t encounter it too often …
    Love your christmas ballerina teacups and your fabric creations overflowing with beauty.
    Would you believe it is 72 degrees this fine Monday? Turning winter-y in a couple of days. Have a loverly Thanksgiving!

  3. Your friend Jude will absolutely love the plaque you made her…really beautiful. I so wish we had antique stores here….so instead I will just drool over your pics..I love that pink tree~~
    The tea cups are lovely – I really love your creations…thanks for sharing it all!

  4. hey babe, you didnt have to but its gorgeous just having you say hello means so much. You are such a sweetheart,
    loads of love Jude xxx

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