sewful memories

i’ve been thinking about my grandmother.  she passed away this time last year & it was a tremendous blow particularly to my mom, who was very close to her.  she was 93. 

i wasn’t close to her, but some of my earliest memories of her were that she loved to sew &  enjoyed making clothes for us when we were little as well as for my mom. she was a seamstress & by all accounts, a very good one.  i vaguely remember  my grandmother constantly at the sewing machine.   back in the day,  grandma b. used to live with us for awhile & i remember mom always bringing home fabric for grandma to create something with them.  my grandma did not speak english & we (my sibs & i) did not understand her …& she  tended to be  stern with us.  but man,  give her some fabric, &  she’d be all over that.

it’s funny that i am recalling these bits of memories of her & also finding myself on a “sewing” kick lately.  today, i decided to have another go with the sewing machine.  i realize  that i will not be the fantastic seamstress that  grandma b. had been, but at least i can improve my machine sewing skills.  hand sewing has always been my preference.  but for some reason, perhaps grandma b. coming out of me, i am game to create some things with some bits of fabric & the sewing machine.   perhanps this is my little tribute to my grandma.


i made these aceos just this morning, my efforts for AEM {day 17}.   these were fun to make.  i understand now my grandma’s love affair with sewing machine.  i get it now.  here are some close-ups of each aceo.  the last one is a paper aceo of a sweet christmas scene.  the other day i bought some fake snow made out of mica bits & wanted to try some….it gives the aceo such an old-timey look…love that.






yesterday, i had gotten my knickers in a twist…but it was good to let it out.  gotta do that some time.  & i appreciate your comments.  i do/did  have backup swappers, my sis looney & another gal…but it’s late in the swap now to find any others at the last minute…anyway, it’s sorted out now.  the person in question did finally contact her partner & evidently there were extenuating circumstances…

anyhoo, in the midst of getting my knickers in a twist, it totally slipped my mind to share this 4×4 collage i made for danielle, as a thank you  for hosting her matchbox ornament swap. (and for AEM, day 16)vdswap8.jpg

with thanksgiving only days away, i thought gratitude would be a fitting prompt for  handmade monday this coming week.

on that note, i am grateful  to  my grandma b. for exposing me to the wonderful world of sewing.  thanks grandma b.  your sewful memories will live on. 


2 Responses

  1. Dear Mary-Ann
    I hope your memories are not too painfull, I lost my grandfather this year and although I hardly got to see him, it still hurts.
    I am loving the ACEO’s, i think your sewing skills are immense and would love to do half of what you do.
    They are very gorgeous I like the 3rd best.
    Take care and happy thanksgiving

  2. these are lovely. although i haven’t technically lost my grandma, it feels like i have because her alzheimer’s has gotten to the point where she no longer recognizes me. like you, i wasn’t very close to my grandma, but it’s been especially hard for my mom. my grandma has been coming up in my art a lot as well.

    i love these tributes to your grandma! and how wonderful that she could pass on the tradition of sewing to you!

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