altered state, take 2


i was feeling so smart after i mailed those matchbox ornies off to danielle this morning.  knocking off yet another swap on my to do list.  then went to another yoga class (yes, i  have yoga on fridays too).   i felt so energized & grounded after class. things seemed to be looking up.


THEN ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

i just found out from a participant of a  swap that i’m currently hosting on flickr that she  has not YET heard from her assigned partner (& it’s been 2 months since they were 1st assigned!).  what’s more, it’s mail out week…everyone’s swap goodies are supposed to be exhanged this week.  OMG!  so without going into great detail, i am going to be this gal’s “sub” swap partner & now having to create another stocking & goody package.  i don’t want to go off here, but

 YA KNOW?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it’s pretty darn frustrating when you go through the trouble of organizing & managing a large swap & then have folks sign up to  swap & for whatever reason, some DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH AS WELL AS HAVE THE COURTESY TO CONTACT FOLKS!  

it is (***BLEEP***) maddening when folks do not (***BLEEP***) COMMUNICATE….my (***BLEEP***) biggest pet PEEVE about this whole (***BLEEP***) swapping business!  i’ve half a (***BLEEP***) mind to require (***BLEEP***) “swap CVs “(aka (***bleep***) resumes, if you will) next time i (***BLEEP***) host (HA!) a (***BLEEP***)future swap. 

sorry, gordon ramsey momentarily entered my thought process.  but geeze…wtf!

i’ve been holding my tongue for some time about this very subject (i.e., swap slackers, flake-offs, poor swappers, whatever you want to call it) & trying to give folks  benefit of the doubt & be nice, etc.. but frankly, i can hold it no longer.  swaps are supposed to be fun, are they not?  why must there be always, it seems, a few bad apples that spoil the fun?  huh, huh??!

yes, i realize in the big picture, swap snafus are MINOR.  but, please, is it asking too much for common, decent courtesy?  yes, life gets hectic & complicated…& we all lead busy lives.  i know this all too well.  & i am sure most people do too.  but geeze louise, a simple courtesy email takes, what, a minute (not even) to send out.  not asking for a novel folks…just a simple heads up with a change of plans.  none of this AVOIDANCE / BLOW-OFF b-s that seems to be going on A LOT lately.  if folks aren’t planning to be forthright & courteous, then perhaps they shouldn’t bother joining swaps.  people , myself included, enjoy making connections with others & look forward to doing these swaps.  the way i see it, swaps bring joy, goodwill & to a certain extent, a level of excitement in our daily routine.  for me, i view swaps as opportunities to show random acts of kindness (raks) & i feel such goodwill in my heart whenever i participate in or host a swap…until recently.  it’s starting to become NOT FUN anymore when i get a bunch of  emails from folks about others  who don’t “play nicely” in swaps. 


i  do not know what else i can do about “controlling” for swap snafus, if that is at all possible…

in the above case which set me off, i deem it my responsibility to be that gal’s substitute partner.  i do feel badly that she is being disappointed & not having such a positive swap experience as many others have so far.  so i try my best to rectify that.  it’s the least i can do…

but i just can’t help feeling so wicked irritated when someone who says she is  playing, & doesn’t.  she may have a very good reason for her MIA status, but i wouldn’t know (& believe me, it’s not for a lack of trying either!). {SIGH}


yes,  yes, i know… 

BREATHE  DEEPLY mar…this  too shall pass.


6 Responses

  1. Oh gosh what a bummer!
    firstly I love your matchbox ornaments, they are so cute! Secondly, bravo for saying it like it is. You have done such a great job organising this swap, you gave us heaps of time to get ourselves together and sign up and make our goodies, it’s so disappointing people can be so unreliable!!!

  2. Sigh, it’s got to be frustrating to coordinate swaps when things like that happen. I think sometimes people don’t think enough when they sign up and then get in over their heads. (and yes, if they would only communicate…..) It’s so disappointing when you do your best for a swap and a partner doesn’t come through. : (
    I myself am still waiting for the prize in a blog contest I won way back in July. , and that’s disappointing as well, I have to admit. I don’t think it’s ever coming! ; ) (why sponsor a contest if you don’t have time to mail out the prize??)

  3. MaryAnn: That’s too bad, but think of all your participants who had such a great time with the project. IF you coordinate another one, just set your mind to the possibility of a few bad apples and maybe have a couple backup swappers to be ready to help should someone get left out. That way, it’s not completely up to you to fix and create. Otherwise, let the success of the swap be your memory!

  4. You do so much work on swaps – especially when you’re hosting! It’s OK to rant now and then!!!

    I hope it all works out! Your art is truly amazing – as always!!!

  5. Well, being a first timer in a swap – I think you did a wonderful and very thoughtful swap. I can’t image trying to coordinate this whole swap with so many people. I was delighted with my package from She’s So Pretty and hope that Mandy will be happy with mine also. Please know that for this first timer – you made everything absolutely lovely and my partners, thankfully, were a great match up. Big hugs – Wendy

  6. You go Mary Ann – tell it like it is! We have already had a couple of convo’s about this, and I can appreciate your frustration. I’ve not attempted to organise any public swaps because they do seem like a nightmare! Especially when they get so big like this last one! I really like your swap CV idea! I also think it would be great if people are required to post photos of what they send (after it’s been received) as well as what they receive.

    Don’t forget – you’re doing an amazing job that others (like me) wouldn’t volunteer for. Without you think of all the fun we’d be missing out on! It’s much appreciated.

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