altered state

with school outta my hair for awhile (a little over a week, halleluja!), i will have some much welcomed respite from all the school drama & more importantly,  have more time to CREATE at my leisure.  i plan to make the most of my time off from school…you betcha!

 it’s wicked late now, nearly midnite, but i still have some energy left to share my creative effort for AEM {day 15}.

remember these? scwip.jpg well, i finally have them done.  i had to make 4 for danielle’s matchbox ornament swap & here they are (i apologize for the poor lighting…i’ll try to retake pix in the am, when there will be natural light)>>>


& here are solo shots of each altered matchbox, all of which are in the style of “shabby chic”:





{danielle,  i will have this mailed to you via priority first thing the morning…i’m going to first take a better pix in the morning & then  email that pix to you…so you should get all these ornies to you by next tuesday 🙂 ).

okay, that’s all for now…i am definitely ready to go nite-nite….until next time, happy dreams! xoxo


5 Responses

  1. Your matchboxes came out GREAT…they really are beautiful….WOW so much creative energy.
    I cannot wait to see what you do with the time off you have!!!
    Rest Well and enjoy yourself!!!

  2. gosh, your boxes are so cool, I really like the Fa-la-la-beads! SO fun and cute!

  3. WOW! How wonderful!I love the Fa la la la la! That’s sooo cute! *HUGS*

  4. Hi! saw the garland you made for gypsy mermaid and followed the link to you. I just wanted to say hi.. I was here.. (i always like people to let me know when they’ve visited me!) and I also need to tell you how much I adore the matchbox ornaments you made.. they are absolutely awesome! stop by my blog sometime..

  5. you are SUCH an inspiration, dear Mar! 🙂 I really don’t know how you find all this amazing creative energy, and wish you’d send some my way!lol 🙂
    have fun, my Karma Queen! keep going, your enthusiasm is infectious…
    Big Hugs & loads of love, Suze xXx

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