what a difference a day makes

yesterday i was in such a glorious mood…but today that all changed when i worked with my school clients…sometimes i really regret ever agreeing to taking that school contract…

i don’t typically compose poems, but this is what came to me after a tiresome day at school (my creative effort for AEM)…thread.jpg

hanging by a thread

there are days when

i am overwhelmed.

stuffed to the point

i start bursting at the seams.

sometimes it is joyful.

other times, it’s not.

i just wish there was some way

to pull a few strings

to let out the seams…

so that i wouldn’t have to be continually

hanging by a thread.


i don’t know if that all exactly makes sense…but the feeling of  i’m hanging by a thread, i assure you, is very real.    so many {what i feel are} unreasonable demands are being imposed on me &  my limited time at one of my schools…i swore that i wasn’t going to dwell & i won’t…this urge to post this “poem” was tugging at me.  thank goodness there is no school next week on account of good ol’ thanksgiving!  ooooh, i can’t wait…it will be such a welcome break! 

also, i think i have project runway on the brain, lol…as the new season premieres in less than 2 hours, cst.  woo-hoo!  this will be a nice way to get my mind off things…

plus, i have got to get crack-a-lacking on this swap wip.  it’ due next tuesday, yikers!!!  scwip.jpg i’ve been procrastinating on turning these li’l matchboxes into something fabulous & shabby chic…i just got a reminder email today from my blog pal, danielle to get my matchbox christmas ornaments to her ASAP.  welp, looks like i’ve got to at least start covering these matchboxes while i await my show.  maybe i will have something to share by tomorrow night? 

anyway, thanks for bearing with me in my attempt at poetry…& to borrow a phrase, i will, for sure, carry on. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I am sorry that today wiped you out so much…..maybe creating your ornaments will take your mind off of things…and take some stress away!
    I do like your poem….it does not have to mean anything to anyone…if it came from your heart and mind…that is all that matters.
    I hope tomorrow is a glorious day for you!!!

  2. I feel for you Mary Ann. You do such good and important work. Sending you love and energy!

  3. Hello my precious Karma Queen! 😀 Mar, you are so not alone in how you’re feeling, believe me…
    hang on in there, hun, and keep spreading the good karma.
    Warm Hugs on their way to you. Big Love xXx Suze xXx

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