morning reverie

lately, it seems i’ve only been using my digicam to capture more utilitarian snaps…of wips, of my various finds & other miscellaneous stuff.  i haven’t really been making the effort to photograph more artfully like i have in the past.  so, today, i decided to let my mind’s eye guide me with my digicam…my effort for AEM (& spc, too)…pink-blue-sky.jpg  i was stunned by the morning sky…i just had to somehow capture this fleeting scene.  what a beaut!  it was 30 degrees when i checked the garden thermometer…but the hubby said it was going to get up to the low 60s today.  stepping into the crisp, fall air as i snapped this photograph was actually exhilirating.  i was still in my p.j.s when i took this pix…but it felt kinda nice to get that invigorating blast of cool air since having been toasted all night in the warm & cozy house.  i’m glad i took this snap because a few minutes later, it was GONE.  carpe diem, eh? 

i’ve mentioned that i’m a thrifty, bargain-hunting sort of gal?  & i am not ashamed to admit this (& i owe it all to dear ol’ mom) but i love finding NICE stuff at my local goodwill thrift store.  my goodwill store tends to get a lot of “rejects” from target, pier 1 imports & t.j. maxx, even!  i kid you not.  i am always finding some wicked cool clothes…& hey, the prices are right, lol!

spc13a.jpg take this sweater & skirt combo., for instance.  i found these at GOODWILL.  i love the color of the sweater & for some unexplicable reason, i am into turtlenecks (& i have a short neck, lol), particularly this time of year.  it is ultra soft & i just love the front pouch pocket & drawstring.  i find them so charming…that’s what matters right?  & it was a mere $3.99 usd, yay!  the skirt is a lightweight corduroy & it’s by dkny…$4.99 usd.  ha!  that’s my mom—bigtime—coming out in me! 


this shot was taken at the east facing side of the house.  i just love the incredible contrasts of light & shadow as well as the stripes/vertical motifs going on here 🙂  (the boots btw are from old navy…last season).

tuesdays are my yoga class days & i really ought to be dressed in my yoga gear.  but this morning, i wanted to participate in spc’s what you wear challenge & also take pix with this early morning light.  plus, this gives me another excuse to wear this comfy outfit, hehehe 🙂


i just took my tripod & digicam & walked the property.  we mostly have these ol’  pine trees around the house, but what i  really had in mind was  taking some pix in a huge pile of leaves…maybe next week, if there are any left?  anyway…i thought this spot looked picturesque enough…


i just love how the lighting is & the line of the trees…so striking…& gosh, i  didn’t realize they were quite that tall…they just dwarf me.


it’s time to head back inside. that’s enough prancing around for  one day, lol!  as much as i’d love to stay in this outfit,  i’ve got to change & get ready for my yoga class.  until nextime, hope you  have an awesome tuesday! xoxo


7 Responses

  1. There is nothing like beautiful shots of the changing sky!
    I wish I could be up there shopping with you. Cranberry Moon is a place I’d love to see. Love that angel with the winter/Christmas scene, too. The weather here in St. Louis has been so mild and sunny. (It’s about to turn cold.) Some needed rain yesterday but pretty again today and so many trees still in full color! I’m going to take my lunch hour and check out some resale clothing. I like the outfit you found.

  2. Great outfit!!!

  3. gorgeous morning shots! I love that sweater.

  4. Love that picture of the morning sky….absolutely breath taking…so peaceful!
    Your outfit is wonderful…ya gotta love goodwill deals…we do the same here!
    your front door is gorgeous…so fall like and the stain glass look behind it is wonderful!!!!
    The pics are great…so glad you shared them

  5. Such a pretty sky!!

    I love your outfit! Fun to get great clothes cheap!! (Great boots too!!)

  6. I was looking at blogs with Maggie on my lap and she asked where are your glasses. Isn’t that so cute how she remembered?!
    Love your outfit!

  7. That sweater is so cozy looking-and the color os great on you.

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