aem {day 12}

remember making  shrinky dinks as kids?  well, i came across their website a while back & was intrigued with making charms out of shrinky dinks.  so i ordered some packets & they came last week.  i learned that you can actually stamp on the shrinky dinks’ plastic sheets, bake ’em, et voila, unique charms…

in the spirit of AEM, i experiemented using some images from my rubber stamp collection and my staz on inks.  i cut the stamped images out & then laid them on parchment paper lined cookie sheet>>>aem12.jpg  here they are, unbaked.  in a preheated oven, i put the cookie sheet containing my “experiement” and in just a couple of minutes, they literally shrank to these>>>poof…  like magic!

aem12a.jpg that was wicked fast how they just shrunk down like that!  too kewl!

aem12b.jpg  BOY, i think i’ll  be having lots of fun with these, lol…my new BFF, hahaha!!

aem12d.jpg  amazing, i know!

aem12c.jpg  yep, this will be too much fun.  i really can go to town with this as i have so many stamps to choose from.  how fab is that?! making these li’l charmers was just what i needed to offset housework drudgery…

earlier today, i was busy being the dutiful hausfrau, lol,…doing (yet another) load of laundry (argh!), vacuuming, making the beds, running the dishwasher, cooking dinner, etc., etc.   but i was still able to squeeze in some creative time…playing with my new BFF, shrinky dinks, lol, and also making these posties on my ‘puter….see i told you i wanted to make posties out of this card i made last week…

fallpostie.jpg would you like one sent to you?  just let me know & i would be happy to mail one off to you 🙂

ooooh, i cannot wait for PROJECT RUNWAY…the new season starts in less than 2 days!  i am totally & unabashedly addicted to that show.  i heard on the radio this morning someone remarking, “TIM GUNN for president!”…that gave me a chuckle for sure… 

well my pretties, i’m getting wicked tired (& btw sarah, the reason i use “wicked” alot is purely out of habit…the dh & i used to live in maine, where “wicked”  is a commonly used term…it acts as a sort of modifier…that is,  synonymous to “very”, lol…half the time, i don’t even realize that i use it…it just is second nature, i guess)…welp, until tomorrow mes amies…sweet dreams! xoxo


4 Responses

  1. your shrinky dinks are FABULOUS….I have had shrink sheets but have yet to try it…but now you got me thinking…LOL
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your postie….of course….SEND one my way darling…I love your creations!!!!
    Just reading about all the housework you did makes me tired…lol
    Hope your week is wonderful!!!

  2. You have just inspired me. I have shrinky dink sheets in the cupboard collecting dust. They have just found a new purpose.

  3. Cool embellishments, shrink plastic is a fun thing to play with.

    Enjoying all your photos you have been posting.

  4. these are SOOO adorable! i need to play with these shrinky dink things some time.

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