a banner day

cmpix3.jpgone of my fav local shops, cranberry moon,  had a christmas open house this weekend.  when you step inside the shop, it was as if you were suddenly transported into a winter wonderland…a chorus of ooohs & ahhhs was  heard at every turn.  yep, it sure was beginning to look like christmas in there… the shop was total eye candy, to be sure.   it was enchanting.  i didn’t want to leave…& i wanted everything in sight, lol! cmpix11.jpg like this lovely display…a dee foust creation, i believe…isn’t this wicked adorable or what?  i love, love, love the little winter scene inside this christmas faerie’s skirt…it is too flippin precious for words…cmpix6.jpg this shop was full of inspiring ideas….believe me, i took everything in…my head was brimming with all sorts of nifty, crafty ideas.  i love to come into this shop & basically, DROOL, hehehe.cmpix22.jpg  poor socks, the resident kitty…he so wanted to be in the shop….i heard him scratching at the window when i came by to admire a beautifully decorated tree…poor baby…he did look cute, even in his “imprisoned” state. awww!angelornie.jpg  this little angel ornie came home with me (as well as another christmas ornament which i got for my swap partner, dorreen, as part of the deck the halls swap.  i’m keeping that ornie a surprise for dorreen…but i will share the handmade chistmas deco a bit later in this post 🙂 )

dmtin.jpg i also picked up this sweet house tin (actually from joann‘s the other day).dmtin2.jpg  it was on sale (but of course, lol!) & i thought it would make a nice container for my various holiday teabags instead of the cardboard boxes they usually come in…just wanted to share the pix, hehehe…

i feel so accomplished today.  i knocked 2 swap wips off my list… yay me! in keeping with AEM, i  got busy & finished my garland (or is it a banner? i can’t seem to get those two terms straight in my head, lol)…one is for my swap buddy, sarah….she’s my partner in the ga-ga for garlands swap4sarah.jpg  she has similar color favs as me (pink, turquoise, white & silver), so it wasn’t too difficult to think of something to make for her.  i  cut out diamond shapes from sturdy cardboard & glued scrap paper on both sides of each diamond.  i embellished each diamond with glittered letters, sparkly snowflakes, pom-poms & lots & lots of silver tinsel…i also had these turquoise stars & small ornies & added them to the mix…it came out pretty nice, don’t you think?  i hope sarah will be delighted.  it was my complete pleasure making this for her.  4sarah2.jpg  i also made this small beaded monogram for sarah for no  particular reason other than i felt like making it.  it was easy peasey…this literally took me all of 5 minutes (maybe less!) to bend wire, add beads & tie a bow!  it measures  approximately 2.5 inches (maybe even nearly 3 inches).    i love these spur-of-the-moment ideas…you just gotta run with them, ya know?  4doe1.jpg  okay, back to dorreen, who i briefly mentioned above…..this is what i created for her.  in addition to sending our assigned partner a fab-o ornament, we also had to include something handmade that was in keeping with the theme, deck the halls…  4doe4.jpg  the following are close-ups of each altered letter…4doe3.jpg the cherub, which i found at a local thrift shop, was the inspiration for this & as you can see, i decided to go with a musical sort of theme…hence, the music sheets (vintage of course) & these tiny musical instrument ornies i got at the dollar store.  4doe2.jpg  the glittered letters came from joann’s & i just thought they needed to be dressed up some.   i like how it turned out when it was all said and done…& i hope dorreen will too. 

in the past week or so,  i’ve managed to complete  a bunch of swap wips, WOOT-WOOT!  you don’t know how how relieved (& proud) i am to be somewhat “caught up” with my swap wips…still working on a couple others though.  at least in the meantime, i’ve bought myself some extra breathing room. 

yeah, it was a banner day.  heck, a banner week. 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Cranberry Moon looks like a great place to visit. You have been busy with the Swaps. love the garland for Sarah. The colours are so.. pretty. Doreen is sure to love her Joy banner.

  2. OMG, woman! I can’t believe you’re done with your swap goodies! I love, love, love the JOY banner! Can’t wait to see it IRL. Thank you very much.

    BTW, I’m drooling over the shop’s lovely display!!! I’ve always wanted to see Dee Foust christmas decorations in person. Thanks for sharing!

  3. the cranberry moon shop sounds fabulous…wish we had something like that here….your garland banners are FANTASTIC…your swap partners will just love them all. You have been busy busy busy….what a great creative weekend you had….very cool!!!
    thanks for sharing it all

  4. OMG is all I can say I love the garland!!!! I am working on yours tomorrow!! I love it its awesome! thank you soo much! i cant wait to hang it! I love your joy banner too awesome! I am going to redo mine bc I just dont think my partner would like the one I did! soo tomorrow is sarah craft day haha glitter will be flying and glue asticking! oh by the way that pic of the kittty in the window is just wicked cute! haha i love how you say wicked like a english person! super cute! well toodles!

  5. WOW! What a wonderful post! Lots on outstanding art! I just love the JOY banner the most. The little pieces of music and the musical instruments are sooo cute! It’s just all wonderful! Great work! Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

  6. wow ladies! thank you thank you for all your sweet comments! they are so very much appreciated! i am so THRILLED that sarah & doe are delighted with what i have made each of them, yay!

  7. Such beautiful goodies!! Makes me want to toss all my Christmas decorations and start over with a bunch of pure vintage goodness:):)

  8. I absolutely ADORE the “JOY” banner!!! Where do you come up with these fab ideas????????!!

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