saturday nite blurbs

ever since we had to change back the clocks last weekend, the shorter days make the early evening hours seem later than they really are.  it’s only about 8:30 cst but yet it feels like it’s already midnite or something.  sheesh.  also,  lately i’ve felt somewhat pressured to get all my work done (crafty or otherwise) before it gets dark.  & it gets dark by 5 o’clock around here!  after that, i start to run out of steam & get sleepy & lethargic all of a sudden.  does that ever happen to you? my work productivity starts to drop off, i’ve noticed, as the days grow shorter…either that or i am just getting old, lazy &/or tired, lol…

earlier today i went into town to pick up a yarn needle at joann’s.  i have several, but the current {disaster} state of my studio, who can find them?!  i found this wicked cute pattern & needed the needle so i could make this (my contribution for AEM)


once i got the hang of the pattern (which i found in a crochet magazine), these faux peanut-butter blossom cookies were  easy peasey (that’s going to be next week’s handmade monday‘s creative prompt).  i can crochet one cookie in less than a half an hour.  it’s all single crochet, nothing fancy schmancy…so simple & oh so cute!

usually after thanksgiving, i start my holiday baking.  it is getting to that time of year where i do my mass quantity baking for family & friends.   & those peanut butter blossom cookies are just one of several types of cookies i like to bake.  yum!  when i was at joann’s, i spotted this silicone cookie mold…not only was it adorable, but it was on sale 🙂

gbm.jpg  is this not wicked darlin’ or what?  these are itty bitty gingerbread men…oh what fun i’ll have with this!  i haven’t baked anything using silicone bakers…so this will be interesting & fun to try out…


on a completely different note, i wandered into studio friday to see what i’ve been missing all these months of inadvertant neglect…the topic this week was dots or stripes?   we had to state our preference….sf.jpg  this is a no-brainer…i favor BOTH!  i use both kind of patterns frequently in my artwork…i know i’ve even used them both at the same time!  those two are such common motifs in my artwork…i *heart* them equally.  i find them quite versatile & quite complimentary…just look at the flocked paper samples above (by heidi grace designs, btw)…don’t they look fab together?  if i weren’t so darn tired at the moment i would definitely make something using those 2 patterns (i probably will….tomorrow when i have more energy & it’s daylight out, lol)…i just know that they would be harmonious paired together. 

well, this ol’ girl is getting sleepy…& i think i hear my bed calling me, hahaha.  until tomorrow then (when i will be much more chipper)…bonne nuit 🙂 xoxo


3 Responses

  1. Itty Bitty Gingerbread men…lololol awwwww! I bet those would be sooo cute! I wanta see what they look like when their done!!! Will ya post them!!???!!!?? Huh, Huh….lolol I’m like a little kid..lolol Ok I’ll leave you alone. Anyway, wonderful post! *HUGS*

  2. I really have to start buying Christmas presents……it’s almost December and I don’t have any…..and of cours cookies….that’s a must to make with my 3 year old boy! Love that cookie pan! Dots and stripes, was really inspirational for me this week, because I mostly used stripes before….. Send you some evening engery, it’s dark here in Germany at 5 too! So you are not alone out there 😉

  3. your dots and stripes remind me of sherbert.. yummy papers!

    cool gingerbread pan


    the time shift always messes me up. I fall asleep around 8:30 pm then wake up around 10:30 pm for a couple hours… crazy like this until Thanksgiving break then those 4 days off work help me get back in sync.

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