from the hands of babes

for me, inspiration is EVERYWHERE.  take this fall collage that one of my autistic students (a kindergartner, no less) made the other day.  his teacher showed it to me & i was immediately smitten 🙂 


i LOVE that she let her students dabble in COLLAGE while learning fall vocabulary words.  that is something i would actually do  (& have done) in my therapy sessions…this was the “best” work out of the bunch…& i can see why…it’s wicked ADORABLE!  i said to the teacher, can i make one too, lol?!  she was a dear & gave me a bunch of the fall die cuts…when i got home from work yesterday, i whipped up this little piece (measures 4×6) because i was so inspired by my student’s poster (& also wanted to create something for AEM).

aem9b.jpg  i took a my li’l guy’s cue & cut out a bare tree, used the owl die cut & sprinkled some felt & paper flowers.  i also ink-distressed the edges & cardstock to give it a sort of “blustery”, rustic effect.  i’m thinking about hanging this up at school…but not before i make little postcards first, hehehe, to send out to family & pals 🙂

it makes my heart sing to see wee ones CREATE ART…i always make a point to stop & admire students’ artwork displayed allover the schools.  right now in one of my buildings, there are a bunch of dioramas (spelling?) aka “shadow boxes” being displayed about in the library, which is across the hall from my li’l speech room.  it is so cool to see what the kids come up with…at the other building i go to (the middle school), there is a huge display of “egyptian” artwork that the kids created…ranging from small-scale 3-d pyramids to nearly life-size paintings of entombed pharoahs.  i so LOVE that…to see ART publicly displayed &  be enjoyed by all.

aem9a.jpg  i made this collage this morning, also for AEM.  i just love the little squirrel die cut (thanks susan for all the cute die cuts you so generously gave me yesterday!!). i’m going to probably attach some ribbon & hang it somewhere in the house. 

i’m so glad that it is the weekend…i can finally get my CRAFT on, hehehe…several uninterrupted hours of creating in my studio 🙂  yay!!!

but first, i’ve got another yoga class to go to (i go 2x a week because it is my “taking care of me” time & i love all the health benefits of doing yoga on a regular basis…like sleeping more soundly, lowering stress & gaining more flexibility)…

happy friday & i will be back in a bit to share more of my arty-crafty wips 🙂


3 Responses

  1. WOW–your student really has some talent…how cool!!!! Now that is something to be proud of….I used to love going to my daughter’s school and seeing all the artwork on the hallway walls and cafeteria and such….i think it makes it so much more friendlier and makes the kids feel like they really are a part of the school. That they belong. Your postcard is adorable along with your squirrel card…just too cute….I look forward to seeing what you create this weekend!!!

  2. What a lovely creation by your student. How wonderful for the teacher to give them the chance to express themselves this way.

  3. What joyful fall inspirations! It’s so inspiring when art is everywhere!

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